What Is Forex? What Are Its Unique Characteristics?

The Forex (Foreign exchange, FX, Currency) market refers to the market where currencies are traded typically via broker. It is an OTC (Over the Counter) market without any physical existence. It is the largest and most liquid market in the world. It is a decentralize market that means it has no central location. People from all over the world can involve it in.

It is a non stop cash market and operates through a global network includes banks, central banks, currency speculators, corporation, government and other financial institution.

Transaction is basically involve a party purchases a quantity of one currency by paying a quantity of another currency. The currencies are bought and sold simultaneously across local and global market everyday. The prices of foreign exchange depend on aggregate demand, aggregate supply, inflation and international events etc. The situation of foreign exchange rate can change within a moment.


  • It helps enable trade and transaction between two countries.
  • It is a great opportunity to invest for risk seeking investors.

Unique characteristics:

  • The volume of trading is so high, around 1.9 trillion dollar daily.
  • 24 hour trading except weekends via internet.
  • Volatile market with huge income opportunities.
  • You can make profit from both rising and falling market.
  • Great opportunity of leveraged trading.
  • Global trading with geographical dispersion E.T.C



Make Money online By Playing Games – Anno1777 Review

Do you have interest in playing games online? Or are you playing games online regularly. If the answer yes, I will give you one good news.

We used to play games in computer to refresh our mind, keeps  us busy during lunch time, when we have nothing to do and nobody to speak to. Many people say that playing games in computer is a waste of time but I am slightly different in this issue. First of all, playing games helps us rest and forget about daily problems. Second of all, playing games online gives us opportunity to earn some extra money in the net. Are you surprised by thinking that how this is possible?

Yes this is true; Anno1777.com offers such an incredible opportunity. Let me to tell details about this issue.

Online games are getting popular nowadays because some advantages. Such as no install, huge opponent player, you can play with your friends from home etc.

Anno1777.com is a virtual world, where you get to create, grow and make money with your company. You can start earn money by filling out your profile and uploading photos.

There are three ways to earn from anno1777.com.

  1. Playing games
  2. Referring friends
  3. Partnering or buying share or stock

At present there are just several thousand players on this site and most of them are active. I am sure that Anno1777.com will be a famous site for being elite and referrals system.

Want to earn money from anno1777.com. Click here to register

Something more about anno1777.com:

  • Setting up an account takes 2 minutes.
  • You can make money with your magazine regardless of the topics you approach.
  • You can buy and sell everything, including other players.
  • Earn lifetime commission by referring friends.
  • You can be a anno1777 partner by buying stocks
  • Minimum payment is low via PayPal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex Trading

Forex means buying and selling foreign currency online. Forex trading is like share or stock trading but it has some extra advantages. The price of foreign currencies is always changing. Sometimes one currency is going to be strong opposite to others. You can earn money from the changing rate of foreign currencies. Suppose you have 100$, you sell it and buy 80 euro. When the price of Euro increase, you can make profit by sell them. You will need a computer with internet connection to trade in Forex market.


  1. In stock trading one get profit when the price increases. But in Forex you can earn money either the price increases or decreases.
  2. Forex trading can be start with little as 10$. Some broker also give sign up bonus.
  3.  Demo trading opportunity with virtual money which increases the knowledge without risk.
  4. The advantages of big amount leverage or loan.
  5. You can earn a good amount of money in just 15-20 seconds.
  6. You can trade Forex at home, so it will save your time.
  7. Opportunity of trading from anywhere of the world virtually.
  8. High liquidity market like stock market.
  9. You can sell before you buy.
  10. No buying and selling commissions.


  1. Volatility of prices.
  2. 24 hours traded, which is painful for individuals.
  3. Need help from professional trader.
  4. Tread of online scam.
  5. High risk to novice traders.
  6. You have to careful every moment even the time of sleeping.
  7. Need deposit to your account that means It is not a way of earning without investment.
  8. Need huge knowledge to trade.

How to start:

  1. First open an account in a broker site. The popular brokers are
  2. Then deposit your account with alert pay, PayPal or Bank transfer etc.
  3. Download the trading software from your broker site.
  4. Start trading by buying and selling currency.

Earn 100$ Per Day From Yahoo Answer

I hope you may be surprised to see the title of this post. Yes, this is true; you can make money by answering question at yahoo. For you convenience, first I want to say that yahoo doesn’t provide or give any money to its users.

A question may arise in your mind like, “How can I make money from Yahoo answer?

Yahoo answer is a questioning and answering community where people can get knowledge and share knowledge. It is operated by popular search engine yahoo Inc. The page rank of yahoo is very high and all popular search engine love yahoo answer.

 How to earn:

People are asking questions because the want to know something.

 1. Earn by affiliate marketing:

This is the main turning point of this post. I hope you know about the affiliate marketing system. Thousands of affiliate marketing site are available on the net. From them click bank, Amazon and Commission junction are well-developed. You can earn commission by selling these affiliate sites’s product in yahoo answer.

For example:

Suppose someone is asking what is the best web hosting? You can answer it with a referral link like this:

Host gator is the best website company.

2. Earn from micro freelance:

Thousands of works about yahoo answer can be found in many micro freelance sites microworkers, minuteworkers, mturk etc. You can make money by completing such little work at these micro freelance sites.


  • Do not put any spam link on yahoo answer.
  • ‘No commercial activity” is one of the important guidelines in TOS of Yahoo ans. So use this affiliate link technique at your own risk.

I have found many people earn 100$ or more per day from this method.

 Some extra tips:

  • Try to concise your answer.
  • Answer any question to the point.
  • Don’t put only a referral link than some expiation.
  • Try to gain trust of the questioner with your answer.


What Is SEO? Important Of SEO In Online Business?

SEO represents Search Engine Optimization. It is a process by which you can increase traffic of your website naturally. This process Increase visibility of a website in search engine like Google, Yahoo, bing, msn etc.

Importance of SEO in business:

  1. SEO helps to a website to be famous.
  2. It increases website traffic along with unique visitor.
  3. It increases website raking.
  4. Its saves money from Private advertising.
  5. SEO helps in marketing program of a product or service.
  6. The success of a company/website much depends on SEO process.
  7. If you want to earn online money from advertisement like Google adsense , you must use SEO for your website.
  8. SEO helps to achieve ultimate goal of a website or blog.
  9. It is possible to reach a target user through SEO.
  10. It increases sales of a business products or services.

Make Money With Contents Writing With Triond.com

Today I will discuss about an amazing site to make money online for beginners. This site is known as triond.com

What is triond.com?

Triond is a simply publishing site. It allows users to easily publish quality content of any type, in any media format. They publish your content on their partner websites so you reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue. It is owned by Stanza Ltd., a privately held company based in Tel Aviv.

Who can join in triond?

Everyone can join in triond. There are no restrictions to join this site.

Requirements to join?

You need only a PC, internet connection and a PayPal ID.

What is seeking from writer?

There is no experience needed in triond. But they seek the unique content which has not published online already.

Which types of content can you write?

According to triond policy you can write any type of media content such as article, reachers paper, jokes, story, poems etc. you cannot write any topic which are illegal.

How to write in Triond?

There is no application and approval process in registration. So first of all open an account on triond. You can sign up by using your facebook ID. Then write and submit your content. Within few minutes a Triond editor reviews submitted articles. You will receive a confirmation mail about approval and rejection of your content.

Where your contents will publish?

If your content is approved by the team, your content will publish their partner site.

  • Authspot – creative writing
  • Cinemaroll – movies
  • Computersight – computer, software, and hardware
  • Gameolosophy – video games
  • Gomestic – home and garden
  • Healthmad – health
  • Musicouch – music
  • Newsflavor – news
  • Picable — photography
  • PurpleSlinky – humor and offbeat
  • Quazen – hobbies and activities
  • Scienceray – science
  • Socyberty – society, politics, and human behavior
  • Sportales – sports
  • Telewatcher – TV
  • The Real Owner – pets
  • Webupon – web-based applications and online services
  • WritingHood – writing information, tips, and advice

Why triond pay you?

Triond put ads on the page on your content. If readers click the ads, Triond will get revenue. From this revenue they will give a portion.

How triond pay you?

Triond pay you on the basis of impression of your content. They give 50% of income from your content to you. The money is calculated in USD. They pay via PayPal after every month.

Pros of triond:

  • No restriction to join
  • No experience need to join
  • Good for non professional writer
  • Accept all kinds of contents
  • Varity of partner sites
  • No need to add your Google ad sense ID
  • The site does not have any style or formatting standards.

Cons of triond:

  • Since Triond accepts content from any writer, Triond’s page rank is low
  • Content should be optimize in search engine
  • Very difficult to earn huge income from it.

Tips to earn more from triond:

  • Write and write more content
  • Don’t copy content from anywhere
  • Write at least 3 content per day
  • Share your content everywhere
  • Try to focus on niche topic

My triond contents:


Make Money From Popular Microfreelancing Site – Microworkers Review

We always hear about earn money by freelancing, but to get success from freelancing site is very difficult for new members. Because many senior and expert member bid for work along with new member at a time. But buyer selects only one member. If you will be a buyer, generally you will select experienced and senior member for your work. So it is very difficult to get work when you are a new freelancer.

To solve this problem, today I want to introduce you with a new micro freelancing site known as microworkers.com. Anyone can join this site without any invest. The task is very easy to do. There is no need to be an efficient worker. The major difference is that there is no necessity to bid here like other freelancing site. After registration you can work here. Tasks are always available here for you.

Since tasks are pretty small that’s why remuneration also small. The rate of the tasks generally $.10-3.0 although site authority doesn’t tell any limit. But the manner of the tasks is such kind of that rate doesn’t go high. Maximum tasks you will get for 1.75$-2$.

This site is very popular in our country. If you work regularly here then you can earn almost 50$-100$ per month.

Why employers will pay you?

Employers are mainly a webmaster or blogger or owner a product. They want to SEO their website and product. They get post for their blog. They pay you to increase blog site page rank, improving site traffic and commenting own site.

Why microworkers.com?

You will get 1$ for registration, get task without bid and it is a legit site that you can trust it.

If you haven’t any account of microworkers.com signup here..

After sign up, go to the ‘available works’ page. The task category has been given below:

Tasks list:

Post into a Forum Post, Do a offer,  Create an Account , Link to a Website, Write Article, Download and Install games and software, Link sharing, Play online Games,  Do a Survey, Search and Click, Write Review and it in your website , Like anything, Vote anyone’s post, Comment on blog or post  Twitter Follow, Re tweets, Bookmarking on Digg etc, Yahoo answer, Youtube Account Opening etc.

We told before that the out looking of this site is so simple. For this reason anyone can understand everything easily. You can choose any task if you wish.

After finish a task go to the ‘task I finished’ page. Your task will show in this page, there are 3 kinds of list.

‘Green marked’ tasks accepted by buyer. These are satisfied marked and you already got money from the account of buyer to your account.

‘Gray marked’ tasks you already finished but waiting for the review of buyers. If buyers don’t see these by 7 days then money will be deposited automatically to your account.

‘Red and cross’ marked tasks haven’t accepted by buyer and you will not get any money for these tasks.

In this site there is a success rate system to control your task speed. You will find it beside the money you received under the menu bar.

There are two types of success rate. One is actual success rate that is determined by the average of your monthly satisfied and dissatisfied tasks. Another is temporary success rate that is determined by satisfied tasks vs. dissatisfied tasks + nonrated tasks.

This one also determined in monthly basis. If your success rate is below the 75% then you can’t work in the microworkers. If your actual success rate is below 75% then you have to wait for 1 month for dissatisfied tasks that will increase your point.

Something more about microworkers.com:

  • You can do per task only one time but many different tasks in a day.
  • Read carefully the statement ‘what is expected from workers?’
  • Work wisely and don’t take confused tasks.
  • There are three withdrawal option moneybookers, PayPal and alertpay.
  • The minimum balance to request withdraw is 9.00$

I will publish how to earn more with microworkers.com. So be with me.