Boost your income through make money affiliate marketing – 3 tips

As there is a rise in the debt obligations within the nation, more and more people are trying to boost their income so that they have enough money to make ends meet. When it comes to online money making, affiliate marketing is perhaps the best option. If you search online, you’ll get lot of make money affiliate marketing tips but how many of us follow them in order to be a super affiliate and make money in the right way? Continue reading Boost your income through make money affiliate marketing – 3 tips

Top 10 Reasons You Should Use A Professional SEO Company

Starting a new business, whether online or offline is an exciting time, however gaining the levels of exposure you want and building revenues can be extremely challenging.

We put together a list of the top 10 reasons why every business must use professional SEO services.

The Top 10

  1. More people will find your website and become aware of your business, which means more opportunities to make money and establish your business over the long-term.
  2. As a new start up, even if you know a lot about SEO it is unlikely you have the time or other resources to put into it. A dedicated SEO firm will do the job for you and deliver the results you want.
  3. If you want something do well, do you hire an expert or a cowboy? In this case, consider the professional organization who are priced at a premium to be the experts. It may cost now, but you will reap the rewards in the long run.
  4. Web searches have long replaced looking in the local telephone book or business directory. Redirect your resources from these old school advertising mediums and into an SEO company who will place your business where the action is.
  5. Although SEO services seem expensive, given the business they will generate for your company they are much better value than other areas, such as print media and broadcast advertising.
  6. There will be long term benefits when you work with an SEO company, particularly as the best ones will revisit your site following completion of their work, to periodically check that you are still seeing the results you are looking for.
  7. Google and the other main search engine providers change their search algorithms over 300 times during the year. You will not possibly be able to keep up with what the latest optimization tools are, while an SEO company will, and keep your site visible and well ranked while you build your brand.
  8. An SEO company can be the difference between a customer choosing you or your competitor down the road. To put it in starker terms, that is potentially the difference between your business succeeding or failing.
  9. Depending on your business, your site can be optimized for different search engines, depending on how often they are used by different demographics.
  10. You will see results quicker by employing the professionals. You can do SEO yourself, but in between running your own business and making money, it will take months, if not years, for you to get results yourself.

Bough SEO is a company based in UK, providing professional SEO services that will give clients a competitive edge over their rivals.

iAquire kicked out of Google – avoid the same fate

You may not have heard the recent hype around iAquire, a small seo agency with some big clients. Essentially they bombarded the owner of a very popular social blogging site to sell them links over the course of a few weeks. Eventually the webmaster in question got bored and decided to write a case study on their business practices and how they were trying to game the Google search results. Usually things would end here but someone at Google noticed the post and iAquires site was de-indexed a few days later. You could say that for an SEO agency to not be indexed in Google is pretty terminal! But what does this mean for other SEO companies who are trying to promote their clients?

“Use common sense when finding links”

For a start agencies really need to use some common sense when approaching anyone with a view to buying a link. For example does this blog or site have other forms of advertising on it? If the site is popular with high traffic but no ads then there’s a reason, and it’s usually because the webmaster isn’t interested. I.e. they are running the site as a hobby and don’t want advertising to get in the way of their content.

Another concept is that SEO agencies should be trying to create content and not just links. Google is founded on the principle that quality content will attract references from other sites, but this doesn’t mean you have to create something then just sit back and hope. Viral marketing is huge these days but you may not realise that many viral campaigns are given a boost by an agency at the start, i.e. they contact influential bloggers and those on twitter and personally tell them about their latest “idea”. No money needs to exchange hands because webmasters are just as desperate for quality content as marketers are for exposure.

“Thinking outside the box to separate yourself from everyone else”

Thinking outside the box is essential when it comes to “white hat” link-building that Google will enjoy. For example I recently saw a great campaign by a soft-drinks company in the run-up to a new launch; they offered a thousand random bloggers who talked about their product over a one week period a free gift voucher. The total cost of the gift vouchers probably came to what most SEO agencies charge a month! The important point is that they weren’t buying links, only offering people the chance to take part in a free competition. For most of the bloggers wasn’t about making money it was something fun to take part in.

You may feel sorry for iAquire and you may not, essentially their business is dead and unlikely to ever come back. But at the end of the day this is Google’s system and if you want their free traffic then you have to play by their rules.

The post is by Pablo of EMO – stop by for more free articles

How to Use SEO to your Advantage

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to improve your company? Did you know that the Internet is an amazing tool that businesses are turning to in order to improve their business through Internet and social media marketing?

Many companies are turning to Internet marketing services to improve their website ranking. Using SEO performance-based techniques have shown positive results for many companies – small and large – looking to promote their business, services and products.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

The Internet is a great place for companies to build a brand using search engine optimization.  In many cases the higher a company is ranked on the Internet, the more money they could get in revenue. We have some great and helpful tips on using search engine optimization to your advantage.

Make Your Presence Known Online

There are many different tips and tricks for using SEO to promote a service, business or products. First things first. Make sure your company is listed on high-traffic websites that will help you produce great results.

Social networking websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Merchant Circle are worth creating accounts on. Not to mention, they’re free! Many reports state that many customers will visit a company’s store or website who are active on social media.

While you’re on these websites, it’s important to remain active by creating original content that will give the results. Internet marketing providers know how to find keywords that will help improve your presence on the Internet.

Understanding Keywords and Directories

The most important tip on using SEO to your advantage is to understand how to use your keywords. The best way to optimize your results is by using long-tail keywords. For example, if you’re a pool company you can focus on pool safety for kids or ways to properly care for your pool. The less competition for your keywords, the better results you’ll end up getting in the end.

While researching your keywords, it’s best to do a little research on the directories that will offer you free placement. In most cases you’ll be allowed to list your phone number and website for free. These directories work at helping you gain exposure while improving your SEO results using the keywords you’ve added to your listing to describe your company and services offered.

There are multiple ways to successfully improve your presence on the Internet using SEO strategically. It’s important to know your audience and stay engaged on the Internet. Social media is bigger than ever before and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. It’s best to embrace the Internet and learn how keywords and search engine optimization can really help improve your business. It’s time to embrace the Internet and watch firsthand what it can do for your business.

Now that you know a little more about how an internet marketing service can improve your website’s ranking, you’re probably interested in learning more about social media. Post written by Michelle.

5 Effective Ways to Start Your Online Money Making Career

Internet is a good job market. It is one of the great aspects of generating residual income. I you have enough time to work, why not try on internet once? You need not have huge knowledge or academic degree to earn money from net. All you need to have some basic knowledge about the web. Moreover, there are huge resource are available on net to learn the process of making money online.

If you have decided to make money from net, you have to know some effective ways to make money from online. In this post I am going to describe some easy and effective ways to start your online career now:

1. Take part in online surveys:

Online survey is very popular. Many companies want to study about their consumers. You are one of the valuable consumers to them. You can earn some extra bucks by taking part in online survey. All you have to fill some survey form with your opinion and get paid for it.

2. Work as a freelance writer:

If you have good writing skill, you can make money with your skill. The writing job is called freelance writing and it is one of the best independent jobs on the net. You can make money by writing web contents, articles and product reviews for your clients. Even your can sell your article $1 to $100 per on various forums.

3. Try social media marketing:

You can also make money by build or promote goods or services of any companies in social networking sites. Even you can earn bucks by managing their social networks accounts like FaceBook, twitter etc.

4. Apply for Classified ads posting jobs:

There are numerous jobs are available about classified ads posting in various freelancing site like ODesks, Freelance, and Guru Etc. If you know the ad posting process on different classified ads site (craigslist), you can make money by providing your services to your clients.

5. Sell PVAs Online:

PVA means Phone Verified Account. Many established sites want PVA to stop spam accounts. If you know the PVAs creating process, you can make handsome amount of money by selling them. There are huge demands on PVAs of craigslist, FaceBook, twitter and Gmail etc. On the other hand, if you don’t know the PVA creating process, you can buy PVAs from other site and earn residual income by reselling them to the clients.

Onsite SEO Checklist — 6 Important Things to Consider

Many people are so concerned about off-page ranking factors that they forget that good search engine optimization actually starts from their site. Here are a few on-page factors that could make it more difficult for you to rank high…

 1. Mediocre Content

Everyone tells you that content is king online. However, the truth is that it is only true of top quality content. Anything else could actually attract a penalty. Therefore, make sure you go through your pages and check if you’d bookmark such a page if you saw it on another site. If your answer is No then you need to work on it.

 2. Size-able Content

If you have many 150-word pages then you are asking for trouble especially after the recent updates. While you may have just cause to maintain a few thin pages, it might be a great idea to actually block search engines from them with the appropriate Meta tag.

Longer articles that have pictures, videos and other content elements are favored by Google these days.

 3. Avoid Over-Optimization

How things change online. What was considered good optimization just a few months ago is now flagged as over-optimization by Google. Be very careful about having your target keyword as the first word in your title, in the first sentence of your description, in the first sentence of your first paragraph, in the last sentence of your last paragraph (all on one page) and all the usual advice we had all become conversant with.

Right optimization now is trying to maintain a very natural flow in your articles. Yes, you should mention your keywords in your article but don’t make it very obvious you are optimizing for them. Make your titles more focused on your reader and NOT the search engines. Example..

Keyword: SEO tips

Bad title: SEO Tips

Good Title: SEO Tips — Crucial Steps You Must Take If You Want Top Rankings

 4. Make Sure You Don’t Have Broken Links

Do links audit from time to time to ensure you don’t have broken links. Sometimes we rename pages and adjust the file name forgetting that we had linked to them in the past. Sometimes a website you linked to makes an adjustment that leaves you with a broken link. It could be that the page was moved or the domain wasn’t renewed or any other thing. But you had no hand in what happened. Fix it as quickly as possible or it could hurt your rankings.

There are tools to help you ensure you don’t have such problems on your site.

 5. Who Are You Linking To?

You are at risk if you maintain links to banned sites or sites that are frowned upon by Google. Who you link to is totally under your control so make sure you watch this carefully. But don’t also make the mistake of NOT linking out to any site. It’s simply NOT natural and could affect you albeit mildly.

Look for authority sites in your niche and link to them when they add to the discussion (NOT just for the fun of it).

 6. Check Your Monetization

Do you have ads plastered all over your pages? That’s NOT a good idea. Apart from the fact that your visitors won’t like that so much, it raises the spam flag to any search engine. This is especially true if you have only Adsense and Amazon ads all over.

Also check where your ads are placed. It’s a red flag if the top folds of your pages are covered with ads. Look for your best monetization models and placed them in such a way that they don’t blind your visitors.

There are a number of other things like making sure your site has the right look and feel, getting your own voice, choosing the right angle to target your niche and so on. But the points listed above should get you started on the right foot.


This post was written by Tom who writes for and has published many articles that focus on getting and maintaining top rankings in spite of the different updates from Google.

How to Create a Classified Ads Website and Make Money With It?

As the blogger’s point of view, when the word “website or blog” comes in our mind, we think some necessary contents and huge visitors and more money. A website can be a good source of income. Some people earn thousand dollars from net with a website. It is a dream for every webmaster to own a money making website.

Today I am going to give you some tips to create a classified ads website and make money with it. Classified ads site is the site which in which various types of ads are posted on different categories. It is proved that classified ads site is the effective way to gain traffic and more affiliate leads. The popular classified ads website is

Craigslist is well established and firs choice classified site to everyone. You can create the competitor to craigslist. The process is very easy to make a classified site.

Tools need to start:

How to get started?

By putting proper installation process of above resources your site will ready for post ads. Post some test ads on your site. Then promote your site on internet and get traffic. When visitor come and post your site, your site will ready as a money making machine.

How to make money with it?

Your site is ready and visitors puts ads on it regularly and your domain name is very popular. Now you want to make money from it. But you don’t know from where the money will come? There are various methods to make money form a classified ads site:

  • Paid membership.
  • Paid ads/feature ads.
  • Banner advertising.
  • Affiliate Marketing.

Benefits to members:

Your members are mainly buyers and sellers. From your classified site buyers will get their necessary products or services and seller will find their potential buyer to sell their product. In short, your site helps to engage buyer and seller together one place.

Bonus tip:

If you plan to start your classified site stand alone then pick a mini or micro niche. Niche business is very profitable. I hope you already know it. The operation process is very easy of a niche site than a multi category site. If you have enough manpower and resources, then start a multi category classified site like craigslist.

I hope this post will help you to start a new classified site with little technical knowledge. If you need any help about classified site making, don’t hesitate. Contact me quickly. I will try my best to help you.

Free EBook Download about “Make Money Blogging” by Daniel scocco

Blogging is a popular way to share own knowledge with others and generate residual income. If you are planning to start blogging, you have to know the basic as well as advance process of blogging. You can get the blogging resource from other existing blog or any hard copy eBooks. But you won’t get all resource in one place. You have to search and find the best tools and resource. To solve this little problem, I want to give you a free eBook which contains all about “make money Blogging”. I didn’t write the eBook. The eBooks was written by Daniel Scocco ( He is a successful blogger and internet marketer. The full detail about the eBook has been given below:

Screen shot of the book:
Make Money Blogging
Contents of the Book:

  • What is blogging?
  • Tools needed to start blogging?
  • What software should use?
  • Is it really possible to make money blogging?
  • What should blog about?
  • How to write good headline?
  • Posting frequency.
  • How to design a blog?
  • Importance of logo?
  • Subscription tutorial.
  • Networking tutorial.
  • How to promote blog?
  • How to monetize blog? Etc.

Author: Daniel scocco


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Eight Painless Ways to Save One Thousand Dollars

A thousand dollars seems like a lot of money to most people who have nothing or very little money saved. However, many financial professionals recommend suggest that everyone have at least that much set aside in order to help them deal with unexpected events or life emergencies. Starting with nothing and working towards accumulating a thousand dollars seems like an insurmountable challenge. However, this does not have to be as difficult as most people believe if the individual is willing to take the effort and develop a plan or strategy.

If the individual sets a goal to save a thousand dollars in a set time, he or she needs to break that time into smaller segments. As an example, if the goal is to save one thousand dollars in a year, the individual needs to divide the amount of money by 52, the number of weeks, and try to save that much money each week. For this example, the individual needs to save just under 20 dollars each week.

In order to achieve this weekly goal the individual needs to cut spending, earn more money or a combination of both. The most important action is to actually set aside and save instead of spending the new-found money. It is also a good idea to keep a money journal so that the individual keeps in mind how the money is saved or earned. Following are eight suggestions to either save or earn money in order to reach the goal of saving a thousand dollars.

Do a Spending Inventory
Simply put, if you spend it, write it down. Many people simply amaze themselves when they carry a pocket notepad on their person and start writing down what they spend. The amazing part is when they add up all the small amounts to find that they are spending more than they realized. However uncomfortable this step may seem, it is important to perform a spending inventory to later identify areas that the individual can try to reduce or eliminate.

One of the first ways many financial advisors suggest to save money is to reduce or eliminate purchases at Starbucks. However, if the individual rarely or never stops at Starbucks on the way to work, this suggestion is useless. Instead, each person should track what he or she spends on a daily and/or weekly basis, identifying a specific item or two that can readily be eliminated. It is quite possible to save at least five dollars every week, if not more. This equates to 25 percent of the weekly savings goal if the individual is on a one year plan. Annual savings in this area is $260 per year.

Alternative Brands
While some brands of food and other items are not comparable with any other alternative, there are many items that most people can find a reasonable substitute for and watch their savings rise, especially on items that they purchase on a regular basis. This is not always an option for people who are on a restrictive diet, e.g. low sodium, reduced fat, etc. However, even those who have to monitor their diets may find other ways to save, such as purchasing generic kitchen trash bags. With very little effort, anyone should be able to trim a minimum of $2.50 off of their weekly shopping bill. This equates to an annual savings of $130, bringing the total up to $390.

Designer Clothes
Various professional people may have to dress better than the average individual, but for the rest of us, a careful analysis of our wardrobe inventory needs may help us identify an area where we can save money. There are several alternative brands that wear and look nice. In addition, the individual can look for other ways to acquire designer clothes at a lower price than premium outlet stores, such as Eddie Bauer.

Places to look for designer clothes include thrift stores, such as the Goodwill or Salvation Army. In addition, thrift stores, people can look for designer clothes at garage sales and local auctions. For the individual who insists upon having new clothing, online outlets such as Amazon and EBay offer deals that beat regular retail stores and they have strict policies prohibiting the selling of counterfeit items. The average individual can easily save $50 annually, bringing the total up to $440.

Free Telephone Service
People who have internet service in their home can enjoy free instant messaging, live audio/video communication and free long distance telephone calls to any cell phone and landline in the United States and Canada. Even the most frugal individual who previously only spends ten dollars a month on long distance phone calls can now enjoy an annual savings of $120, for a running total of $560.

Working the Internet
Most people have a hobby or an area of special interest that they are knowledgeable about and can write an article or blog. While some of the beginning pay rates are deplorable, the individual who is able to sharpen their researching and writing skills can find sites that pay better. A proficient writer can produce a 500-word article in an hour or less and sell it for ten or more dollars. By producing two such articles a month, the individual can earn $240 annually, for a running total of $800 for the year.

De-cluttering/Selling Combination
Many people can readily find a surplus of household items that they no longer have a use for, especially when performing seasonal cleaning. Depending upon the item, the individual may elect to sell what they need to get rid of at a garage sale, Craigslist, EBay or local auction. Even if they were to liquidate unwanted items at give-away prices, most people should realize a net earning of at least $75, bringing the total up to $875.

Offer a Service
Everyone has some sort of knowledge, talent or skill that they can offer to others who are willing to pay. Whether tutoring math, teaching piano or guitar or leading a ceramic or craft class: just working one hour per week during the summer at the modest rate of $10 per hour can net the individual an additional $120 annually. This brings the total up to $995.

People literally throw money away on a weekly basis in recyclable materials, including aluminum cans, old electronics and other items that recycling centers pay money for when the recyclables are brought into their collection center. By designating one small area in the garage, shed or basement, the average family can easily net, after gasoline expense for transporting the items, an annual amount of $40, which brings the total to $1,035.

While this exact plan may not fit everyone’s lifestyle or way that they get to the required goal, the individual may adjust the various areas to suit his or her specific needs. In addition, if the timeline needs to be shorter, people can target specific areas where they can readily and easily increase in order to save or earn additional money.

Are you interested in more ways to save money? Go online to to compare Canadian credit cards offered by the top financial companies in Canada. Within minutes, you can compare multiple credit cards in one instance. Visit for other insurance products and services.

Paid Customer Reviews on Google – No, You Don’t Want Them

For every local business, a Google Plus Local listing is the first step in their efforts to optimize their website for local search; however, just listing your business isn’t enough anymore, because your competitors have also learnt that they should do it – the name of the game now is how to optimize your listing in order to rank higher than them.

That’s where the reviews come in. All of your clients and customers have the opportunity to write about the experience they had with your product or service you provided, and that carries a lot of weight in the eyes of Google: more customer reviews mean that your business is popular in the “real” world. Besides, good reviews on Google+ (and anywhere else on the Internet) can mean the difference between a customer choosing you, or the competitor. That’s why today there are many services that provide fake reviews – either positive reviews for your business, or negative for the competitor’s; and many people are willing to pay for this kind of service, not knowing that it may cause a serious problem to their business.

What’s the problem with paid reviews?

The obvious problem is that it’s against Google’s policy. The whole purpose of leaving a review is to help others decide if your business is right for them, and Google are working very hard to prevent any kind of manipulation with their results, including these. They can’t afford to recommend local businesses that provide bad service, because if they did, people would just stop using them as a relevant factor. So, if you get caught manipulating reviews, your page on Google+ Local will be suspended and your business banned, and all the other hard work you’ve put in your online reputation can easily be ruined.

Phony reviews done by paid services are actually really easy to detect, even when you don’t have Google’s infrastructure. Companies that provide this kind of service usually have a certain number of fake accounts and use the same “users” to review business pages; every user can see the profile of each reviewer, so if something smells funny you can just take a look at a few user profiles, and see if they’re “professional reviewers”: what are the chances for a real person to fix a mobile in one state, have a dentist in another one, a plumber in third and a carpet cleaner in fourth? And that they’re either extremely satisfied, or extremely unhappy with the service (positive reviews for client’s website, negative for the competitor’s)? If you’re willing to dig in deeper, you’ll probably find that same fake users are reviewing same business pages – with same opinion, of course.

Another form of paid review is when a business is offering an incentive, in forms of money or products, in exchange for positive reviews. This can be done in a variety of ways and is generally more difficult to detect (because it’s often done offline); this is also against Google’s terms, even though now we have real people giving feedback. On the other hand, you can encourage your customers to review your business, but there’s a very thin line between encouraging them through, say, contests, and bribing them.

However, this can be a powerful strategy to attract them to leave a review, just be very, very careful when defining your approach: you are allowed to encourage them to leave a review, but not the positive review. You can end up having some not so great reviews on your business page, but that’s OK too, because:

a) right now Google seem to be looking only at the number of reviews and not their quality when it comes to deciding on how to rank your page;

b) having all great reviews isn’t natural: no matter how hard you’re trying to satisfy all of your customers, there’s always someone who didn’t like one aspect of doing business with you, so having occasional bad or average reviews can actually help you get more credentials with the potential customers.

We haven’t even started on the ethical questions of having paid and phony reviews, and how faking them makes the reviews in general less credible. In all, it’s always better to do things the right way. It’s a good thing that you’re aware of the importance of having your business reviewed in Google, but you surely have satisfied clients whom you can ask for a legitimate feedback, so start with them and work from there – it’s much more worth it in the long run.

As a Google+ early adopter, Jeff Gross got into reviewing local businesses as soon as it rolled out. He has seen his share of both genuine and the so-called “fake” or paid reviews from non-customers. While content crowdsourcing, such as encouraged commenting on, is a legitimate method of improving your website, artificial reviews are both ignored and dangerous.