How College Students Can Make Money Online By Blogging?

In a time of higher unemployment people going to school often wonder if there is a possibility of finding online jobs for college students which offer good pay.  This article will discuss a way to make money online using your writing skills and blogging.  It will help to show some ways to blog more efficiently while warning you about one of the biggest problems that bloggers run into.


Blogging is a relatively recent way to make money online.  The first step to blogging is to find something you want to write about often.  Some people like to blog about sports, card collecting, weddings, and fashion.  One of the things to keep in mind is that you want to enjoy blogging while also having a good audience for it.  Having a positive outlook and building a good audience will help you make more money in the long run.


A second point to watch for while you blog is to make sure you write with correct grammar.  You generally won’t impress your audience or make people want to come back and visit your blog if it is written using poor grammar.  Using poor grammar also won’t impress the advertisers, who are the ones that will be paying you.


The next step is finding a place to host your blog.  This can be done by going to a hosting site like or buying a domain yourself.  You want to have a domain that is catchy and memorable.  When deciding on a name, make sure it’s available and fits with what the blog is about.  Too often the URL won’t help to make people remember what your blog is about.  You want people to remember the URL and visit your page.


The way one actually makes money blogging is by being paid by advertisers.  This money can be made one of two ways depending on the size of your blog.  One way is to use Google Adsense on your blog.  When you sign up you can have Google place ads on your website.  These advertisements will lead to a different page if clicked.  The company would then pay you for every click.  Generally it will be anywhere from ten cents to a few dollars per click.  Google Adsense is the most popular form of pay-per-click advertising and I highly recommend it.  Imagine if you have 5,000 people per day who view your page and click on the advertisements.  That can add up to some extra cash in a hurry.


Another way to get paid is a set fee per day or month for the advertisement.  You simply sell advertising space to companies who want to advertise at your site.  This will take more time and effort than simply installing some Adsense code but can be worth the extra effort in the long run.


Blogging can be a way to make some extra money online.  It will take time and some effort but in the end it can be very rewarding.  I would advise you to do some research and think out the concept you want to blog about before beginning.  I would also advise you to have fun with it.  Being positive will give your audience greater satisfaction and help you to make more money.

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