10 Tips to Hire a Freelancer Effectively – Tips for Contractor

Finding freelancer for hiring has now become an important issue for the contractors. As unskilled and inexperienced freelancer are now trying to convince contractors, so contractors have to careful in the time of choosing best skilled freelancer for their job. Following tips can help a contractor to select the skilled freelancer:

1. Available freelancers on online sites:

Many freelancing websites are in internet for the easy and quick selection for contractors. Freelancer.com, odesk.com etc. useful sites have lot of freelancer from which you have to select most experienced one for the perfection of your job.

2. Your job requirement should have a portfolio:

Evaluation of any skilled freelancer can be considered through a portfolio. You will get an instant snapshot of the skill of freelancer from the portfolio he provided. Consider the matching with your job through portfolio and select the best one.

3. Evaluate the experience mentioned in profile:

Experienced freelancer adds their previous experience in their profile. So you can have an overview of that person from the experience event. Besides, consider the present working condition of the freelancer you are going to hire.

4. Different test marks carries the standard of freelancer:

Many freelancing sites have free tests for their members for evaluating the skill in the field they want to work. The mark of these tests play important role for hiring them by contractors.

5. Attractive and professional cover letter:

A cover letter without grammatical errors and spelling mistake has a positive impact on the mind of contractor. So for hiring professional and to the point freelancers, contractors should examine cover letters send by freelancer.

6. Professional outlook through websites:

If any freelancer has experience of posting his previous jobs in any websites, then take a look at the website. Or ask him to provide his personal websites.

7. Taking an interview:

An interview is the way of evaluating task. Select applicants and take interview from them in terms of details of your job. Perfectness will be expressed through interview.

8. Consider the per hour work experience:

If the work is based on hourly, then discuss about the job per hour from him. It expresses his efficiency and effectiveness.

9. Communication ways is another option:

A responsible freelancer makes quick response. Ensure the quick and effective communication ways of freelancer you going to hire. Gmail and Skype are common ways as communication media in this sector.

10. Observe the first task:

Observe and evaluate the first task you have given. If it goes with your provided requirements, then select him. If not, reject him.

It is not our assurance but above steps will help you a lot to select and hire a freelancer for your job effectively.

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