How to make money by teaching English online? – Most Useful Tips

The market for English teachers in countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and in the Middle East, is booming!

All of these countries, and many more, are determined that their citizens learn the number one business language on the planet, and that language, for right now, is English.  That is why Americans, Canadians, the British, and Australians, or anyone fluent in English, are having such a glorious time going overseas – as English speakers, they are in high demand at public and private schools.  Salaries are usually high, compared to the cost of living in the specific country, and students are usually very appreciative of the English speaker’s innate knowledge of the language.  It sure beats hanging around home, being unemployed!

For various reasons, however, there are many people who would like to teach English as a second language to another part of the world, but who can’t travel.  Parents with small children, for instance, or those with debilitating, but not life-threatening, illness; or perhaps having a parent who needs close supervision; there are those, too, who are nervous about whether a certain country has a stable government, or if they are going to have to flee in the middle of the night due to some sudden revolution.

For those people, who want to teach English to foreigners but who choose not to go overseas to do it, the solution is simple:  Teach online!  That way you can stay right where you are, teaching English from your own home!

Today there are thousands of eager students in countries like China and South Korea who are anxious to learn English online.  Usually their companies or schools pay for the online class, because they want their employees/teachers to have first-hand experience with a native English speaker without the hassle, time and expense of having to travel to another location for a physical classroom.

All it takes is a good Internet connection in your home and a computer with a good video and audio hookup, plus a Skype connection.  If you have these things, plus are a native English speaker or someone who speaks English flawlessly without a foreign accent, there are online teaching jobs available right now!  Salaries range from 12 to 25 American dollars per hour, and sometimes more, depending on the company you work for, and the hours you are willing to commit to teaching online.

It would be a good idea, before pursuing an online English teaching position, to become TESOL certified.  TESOL stands for “teaching English to speakers of other languages”.  This is the standard certification that English teachers are asked to have when they go teach overseas, whether it be in China or Indonesia.  If you live in a large metropolitan area, the chances are good that one of your local universities or colleges has a night class for TESOL certification.  It should last only one semester.  Or, you can become TESOL certified by taking an online course.  They usually cost just a few hundred dollars and last for about 2 months.  There are dozens of online TESOL certification schools; just make sure that you pick one that is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau, to be sure you’re not cozened into paying for a worthless TESOL certificate.

There are dozens of online job boards that advertise for ESL (English as a second language) teachers, and on them you will find online teaching positions available.  You can try Dave’s ESL Café, Ajarn, or ESL Employment.  They all have excellent job boards that are updated regularly, as well as chat rooms for you to ask more specific questions about your dreams of teaching English as a second language.

So good luck and good job hunting!

This post was written by Tim Torkildson who taught English in Thailand for seven years.  He now works as a free-lance blogger for companies such as

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