11 Useful Tips to Write Your Popular Post within Tonight

Popular post is the post which has unique, useful and helpful contents. It should have the ability to attract more readers and visitors. Generally in the popular post, people tend to comment more and share more. One popular post can bring huge traffic than usual post. But writing a popular post is difficult sometimes. It needs lots of time, contribution, sacrifice and research etc. If you haven’t written your popular post yet, then try to write it now. In this post I will give you some simple tips to write your popular post within tonight.

1. Spend enough time:

Spend around 8 hours to write popular post and 1 hour on usual post. More time means more good content because you will get enough time to refine, format and fill your content. Craft your content with proper steps and make it valuable finished product.

2. Your post must be helpful:

A post will be popular when it will fulfill some needs of readers. Write on something that is very useful for your readers.

3. Don’t write long introduction:

Generally readers skip the introduction of any post in a blog. They look the bullet points to get their necessary tips. So don’t write long introduction. It may bore your readers about rest of the post. Tell them what you will discuss in the post like “In the post, I am going to do this, this and that” in brief.

4. Write on evergreen topic:

Evergreen means something that will stay popular for a long time. Your topic must be evergreen and will not obsolete within 3 to 5 years.

5. Your content must be unique:

A popular post must be unique that means something your readers wants but hasn’t got yet. Write your post with your own brain and do not use copy-paste method.

6. Use your own formatting style:

A good and eye catchable format helps to attract more reader on a blog post. Use paragraph, bullet points and color to make your post beautiful.

7. Your headlines must be eye catchable:

People look the headline first and decide to read or unread. A good headline is the key to attract more readers on a blog post. Brainstorm and write a great headline for your post with your skill and time.

8.  Your post should have plenty of value:

A popular post gets huge bookmarked, voted and commented. Why this is happen? The simple answer is there has lots of value in the post. Here value means more tips, resources and bullet points. The presence of high value on a post makes your reader enthusiastic about the post. Write 40+ tips rather than 5 or 10 tips to make it as a popular post.

9. Build link with your desire popular post URL:

To make a post popular, you have to spread and distribute your post everywhere. Write guest post on similar niche site and put your desire and good post URL with anchor text (your post title). Send email with signature link and use your post URL in signature link rather than site URL.

10. Utilize your social networks:

Share your post on social networking sites and tell your followers to share it again. You must have huge and loyal followers to do so. Also tell your readers to vote and comment on your post.

11. Outbound links must be live:

From a popular post, People will go their desire site by clicking your outbound links. So your links must be live to create a good impression. Double check your outbound links after publishing the post.

I hope these tips will help you to write your own popular post. If you have any query, Please leave a comment below.

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