Internet is a good job market. It is one of the great aspects of generating residual income. I you have enough time to work, why not try on internet once? You need not have huge knowledge or academic degree to earn money from net. All you need to have some basic knowledge about the web. Moreover, there are huge resource are available on net to learn the process of making money online.

If you have decided to make money from net, you have to know some effective ways to make money from online. In this post I am going to describe some easy and effective ways to start your online career now:

1. Take part in online surveys:

Online survey is very popular. Many companies want to study about their consumers. You are one of the valuable consumers to them. You can earn some extra bucks by taking part in online survey. All you have to fill some survey form with your opinion and get paid for it.

2. Work as a freelance writer:

If you have good writing skill, you can make money with your skill. The writing job is called freelance writing and it is one of the best independent jobs on the net. You can make money by writing web contents, articles and product reviews for your clients. Even your can sell your article $1 to $100 per on various forums.

3. Try social media marketing:

You can also make money by build or promote goods or services of any companies in social networking sites. Even you can earn bucks by managing their social networks accounts like FaceBook, twitter etc.

4. Apply for Classified ads posting jobs:

There are numerous jobs are available about classified ads posting in various freelancing site like ODesks, Freelance, and Guru Etc. If you know the ad posting process on different classified ads site (craigslist), you can make money by providing your services to your clients.

5. Sell PVAs Online:

PVA means Phone Verified Account. Many established sites want PVA to stop spam accounts. If you know the PVAs creating process, you can make handsome amount of money by selling them. There are huge demands on PVAs of craigslist, FaceBook, twitter and Gmail etc. On the other hand, if you don’t know the PVA creating process, you can buy PVAs from other site and earn residual income by reselling them to the clients.


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