An infographic basically describes a graphic that displays statistics, data or copy. Infographics provide a significant amount of information in a concise format. Because an infographic is visually appealing, it captures the attention of an audience faster than simple copy or prose. The medium is evolving to include a variety of different and informative communication tools.

Google Panda

This infographic provides readers with information about low ranking websites based upon user feedback on the website. The infographic primarily depicts an evolution of Google’s algorithm used to evaluate the quality of the websites.

SEO versus PPC

DIY SEO depicts the importance of company’s presence in the top two or three search engine ranking position (SERP). The infographic also describes the number of people who click on a PPC click. User search behavior is also presented in the graphic.

SEO versus PPC 2

Information about why companies need SEO services is included in this infographic. Guidance is the primary purpose of the infographic. The infographic informs companies about the number of people who make online purchases and who use search engines around the world. The likelihood of a user clicking on the first three search engine results is also explored.

Learn How Google Works

This infographic uses a diagram to describe how the Google algorithm ranks websites. Experts cite this attribute as important for understanding SEO.

Understanding Google Page Rank

Understanding Google page rank is an essential component of the SEO process. Information about the ranking tiers is provided with vibrant and memorable graphics.

Visual Guide to SEO

This visual representation indicates how Google ranks pages in a hierarchical format. Page optimization and link building are two primary topics of these websites.

Blog Design for Killer SEO

Websites with RSS feeds and social network accounts with a significant amount of activity are valuable for companies desiring SEO services. This concept is explained.


This infographic is more of a guide than a FAQ. The informative visual representation will answer common questions about link building, keyword research, page optimization and site architecture and structure.


The return on investment based on the number of sales as a direct result of clicks is depicted in this infographic. Tactical ROi is also explained in a concise format to readers. The infographic describes the concept in an easy-to-understand format.

SEO Factors

Optimal rankings are achieved by applying certain techniques. These techniques are listed in a concise format to inform readers of the important components of SEO ranking. Factors such as keyword density, search engine friendly URLs, blogs and RSS feeds are mentioned to help business owners develop their website properly.

Infographics are ideal for communicating important data in a concise efficient manner. This communication tool is recommended for meetings or busy professionals pressed for time. Consider infographics for website communication or business meetings.

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