If you have ventured into blogging, then surely by now, you know you can make money from it. The question now is just how you are supposed to do that. There are various ways to make money with a blog, each one requiring specific steps and time to master. The important rule to remember about earning from your blog is to be sincere and to never push products or sales copy onto your readers. Many subtle ways exist to help you get the numbers you are looking for all while maintaining a steady stream of traffic.

Place Ads on Your Blog

An easy way of earning fast cash from a website or blog is to place ads on it. You may be wondering how this concept works and who exactly pays you. One of the biggest ad sources available is most definitely Google. They have a special feature that allows publishers to place ads on their sites and are compensated when visitors click on that specific ad. There are also other various forms of ad placement, such as in-text advertising, which is subtle advertising that is linked to certain keywords within your site’s text. Numerous ad placement companies exist, all with different compensation plans and methods, so if need be, use the trial method to see which one yields more money for your blog.

Use Affiliate Links

Besides placing ads on your blog, you can also use affiliate links. These types of links are special URLs that are given to you when you promote a certain product or service. When you share this link and people click on it and either sign up or purchase an item, you earn a share or a flat rate for referring that person. If you there is a product or service that you are absolutely in love with, find out if they have an affiliate program and if it’s any good. Chances are, it is, so start promoting it on your blog by being completely honest about it. You will most likely receive more interest and clicks when you show your readers you are genuinely interested in it rather than promoting it for money.

Gain More Traffic

When you are able to gain more traffic, the amount of money you’ll make with your blog will increase as well. There are more people visiting, thus creating a bigger window for them to click on an ad or affiliate link. You can promote your blog through various means, but be sure to do so in an ethical way or else you may face trouble with popular search engines. Some of the top ways to gain more traffic are through writing guest posts and hosting giveaways. With guest posting, you are on another blog and you are able to reach how many followers that blog has. Hosting giveaways is always a lot of fun and excites interest in just about anybody, so you can’t go wrong.

Making money with a blog requires a lot of hard work and dedication and you will see that it isn’t instant. For some, it can take months or even years before they see a good profit. It really depends on how much time you are willing to invest to make your blog spectacular and “follow-worthy.”

This guest post was written by Lloyd McIlroy. He runs the successful blog MakeTheMoneyOnline.com where he shares his secrets to make money online on his blog on regular basis. You can follow him on twitter (@OnlineMoneyKid) or Google+ to get useful and interesting tips that will help you earn from the internet.


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