Are you thinking to start a new online and home based business within tonight? If so, then this post is perfect for you. People want to start a new project as soon as possible when it comes in mind first because the best idea in today may be forgotten in tomorrow.

Last week, I wrote a similar post “4 profitable internet and home business ideas”. I have found that that visitors like such kind of post very much. So I am encouraged by my readers to write the similar type of topic but more specific than previous. Do not worry, It will not create any boring situation.

Today I am going to showing you four profitable and secret home business ideas that you can start quickly (Tonight).

1. Craigslist ad posting jobs:

Craigslist is a free online classified advertising community that helps to communicate local buyers and sellers to perform trade. It is very popular in USA. It is a highly traffic website with Google page rank 8 and millions of page views daily. This idea is my latest re-searchable topic. I know a person who earns 20,000$ per month by posting his clients ads on Craigslist. The process of ad posting is very complex but easy to understand. Many company seeking freelancers to post ads on Craigslist at a very cheap price. You can grab this freelancing opportunity by taking ad posting task from the clients. If you will be an expert Craigslist ad poster, you can earn huge amount of money within few days. You need to have some PVAs (Phone Verified Accounts) and IP changing software to start ad posting.

2. Freelance writing jobs:

In my “what is Freelancing ?” post I have said that freelancing is an independent job without any boss. Freelancing writing is a kind of independent writing jobs. I am a big fan of freelance writing. I work as a freelance writer in online for 2 years. Like me you can start your freelancing writing career by writing about various topics with set price. You must have good knowledge at English (Grammar and sentence creation) to start freelance; and is the best sites to start freelance writing for beginners.

3. Webcam tutoring with

One month ago I found this idea. Earlier I didn’t put any importance on it. But suddenly I have discovered this can be a good and profitable business Idea. is mainly a live sex chat community. Besides sex chat, it has an option to make money by tutoring with expertise. If you have some expertise about any topics you can start make money with You must have high speed internet connection with webcam. First apply at Wait until the review teams approve your application. Then find your potential customers from various social networking sites. You will get paid when someone buy membership for your services. So why waiting; start your tutoring in your interested subject and get paid.

4. Facebook fan page marketing:

This is a secret idea that never anyone tell you. First create some Facebook fan page with hot and selected topic. My recommendation is “women bodybuilding model” topic because people like hottest women photo in internet. Then increase your fans with Post at least 10 hottest women photo every day. When your fans number reach at a good amount then find some bodybuilding advertiser or you can put your own affiliate product link on your fan pages post. You can earn huge amount of money by advertising or affiliate marketing from only high traffic fan page. Also you can sell this fan page to anyone at higher price.


In my point of view, these four ideas are very profitable home business ideas that you can start tonight. Here I describe these ideas shortly. I will post in details about each idea individually in future. So please subscribe my blog to get latest updates from


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