“You haven’t enough time to run your website or you are thinking about a new online business rather than existing one. So you are planning for sell the existing website or blog and looking for buyers. “

If you fall this above two line’s category, then I am going to give you good news.  You can sell your website to thousand of buyers with higher prices at Flippa.com. Flippa is an auction platform for buying and selling website. It is the largest online market place for website and blog. Some websites are sold more than 10,000$. But most traders fail to get higher prices at flippa because of proper guidelines.

Today I want to give you some proven tips to sell your website at flippa and get the maximum prices.

1. Make sure your website is making money:

This is the most important factor to get higher bids and prices at flippa. Your website must be making money in order to get higher prices because buyers like productive website rather than unproductive one. Everyone seeks a website which can generate money instantly. Even if you have huge traffic, it will not work until you cannot make money. Make sure your website make at least 100$ per month before listing at flippa.

2.  Tell the reason for selling at description:

Buyers may ask you why you want to sell your site now. I hope you have a possible reason to sell your website or blog at flippa. This may be the first two reasons which I have mentioned beginning in this post. Tell the possible reason for selling your site at description page.

3. Keep your website clean and fast:

After listing the site on flippa, you will get huge traffic on your site. Because people want to sure your site is live. They also want to see how it is looked?  In this moment your site should be fast and clean. So try to keep your site fast and clean without any unwanted interruption.

4. Make sure you have good analytics data:

The buyers are seriously seeking Google analytics data before make any official offer. They will verify the traffic data. So make sure your revenue and traffic data are compatible. Some buyers want to see analytics data going back at least six month. So try to keep traffic level at a reasonable range within six month.

5. Increase your trust rating:

Buyers will seek your trust rating. Trust rating is the rating given by flippa of your goodwill based on several factors. The higher the trust rating, the higher price you will get. So complete your profile with proper information and verify your mobile number, site, Facebook and twitter account.

6. Set auction time 5-10 days:

In my point of view 5-10 days are optimal auction duration. This short time will create an urgency to bid your site. Longer period auction duration such as 30+ days make the buyers lazy. They think long to go and they refrain to bid. Finally they forget about the site and bid another new listing site.

7. Set low reserve/ high minimum bid:

Set as low as possible the reserve price. The auction will display bright green message like that “Bidding open and reserve has been met!” This message will encourage your buyers. Set the minimum bid price as high as possible. It will help to sort out potential buyers from normal buyers. You can change the minimum bid price at any time.

8.  Set reasonable “Buy it now” price:

Some buyers put BIN (Buy It Now) price unrealistic. By seeing price buyers will think you a crazy. They will skip away from your site. BIN price helps to find actual buyers who are not interested in auction but interested about your site. So set the BIN price as low as possible by calculating your website worth.

9. Avoid hype in your description:

Try to avoid hype in your description. By putting extra hype words, buyers will think that you are desperate to sell your site. This is not a good idea.

10. Don’t put false revenue statistics:

Some people list websites that are making $20 per month currently, and they go on saying: “This website has the potential to make $2,000 per month easily!” This is also not a good idea to sell a website. If the site is making 2000$, so why he want to sell it? Don’t put any false statistics and try to be honest in your words.

11. Answer all Feedback:

There is a feedback system by commenting on listing at flippa. Buyers may ask some question regarding your site. Try to answer all comment positively. This will increase your goodwill and trust rating. Do not delete any comment unless Flippa do.

12. Invite qualified buyers:

To get more bids on your website you can invite more qualified buyers on your listing. Browse similar site listing and find the good trust rating buyers. Then send them a message about your to look or bid.

13. Try to keep your listing on homepage:

There is an option to list your site at homepage known as “features listing”. This option may cost 29$. Try to get this opportunity if you have enough money. This feature will help you to get more bids on your listing than general listing because buyers will see front page first.


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