8 Useful Tips to speed up a Site

The load time of a site is one of the important factor to judge whether it  is good or bad site. Users love sites which load quickly within few second. Those sites fail to load quickly lose their reputation and users skip away from such kind of site. Today I want to discuss some tips to reduce site load time.

1. Optimize image:

Image is heavier to load, so make sure you optimize them perfectly. Use “save for the web” feature to optimize the image.

2. Choose right image format:

Apart from optimize, choose right image format. The JPEG is best suitable format for any website and blog to load site quickly.

3. Optimize your CSS:

Nowadays CSS is very popular to design a site. Make sure that you optimize your site’s CSS code properly. Keep clean your CSS by removing useless properties and white spaces.

4. Update site regularly:

In my experience updated object CMS, browser, tools and plug-in help to load quickly any site. So update your overall site’s element to load a site quickly.

5. Use slash (/) with your links:

Use an additional slash from your server after any links. Example: http://www.domain.com/about/ . This Slash will reduce load time by contacting with the server.

6. Use height and width tags:

Use height and width tags with your image. By this, the browser will reserve certain spot for the image and load rest of content.

7. Reduce HTTP request:

In the time of opening of new web pages every object will require a round trip to the server. This process consume some extra load time of a site. So reduce the number of HTTP object to reduce the number of new or extra request to combine CSS files and scripts together.

8. Remove slow loaded external links:

Some external links need higher time to load than normal links. So try to remove slow loaded or faulty external links from your site.


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