17 Useful Tips to Make YouTube Marketing Strategy Successful

YouTube is a very well know and popular video sharing website. People can upload and share any kinds of (private or public) videos at YouTube without any cost. It is founded in 2005 and now operated by GOOGLE Inc. It is another internet phenomenon like Google, Amazon, yahoo, Facebook, twitter etc. Within a couple years, more than 25 quadrillion bytes (petabytes) of videos were being streamed in this site. That’s why it is very handy tools for any internet marketer to boost their marketing campaign.

Today I am going to give you some proven YouTube marketing tips that will help your own campaign.

1. Choose good channel name:

Try to choose a clear, unique, eye-catching and meaning full channel name with target keywords. Do not add any numeric number on channel name.

2. Enter the title on channel name:

The channel name is the default title of channel. But you can edit it as your wish. Try to enter some keywords in channel title that will help your SEO.

3. Add link:

Enter your website link in your channel name and on description. YouTube allows more than one link in channel name.

4. Add tags on videos:

Try to add targeted tags on every video identically. Please be careful to choose proper tags. Choose low competition keywords that can be founded by adwords key tools.

5. Use clear voice or sound system:

Try to use clear and ear durable sound and voice. Bad sound may hamper your professionalism.

6. Make latest trend’s niche video:

Make video on latest popular niches. You can use YouTube official blog (http://youtube-trends.blogspot.com.br) to find latest trend on YouTube videos.

7. Upload high quality videos:

Try to upload clear and high quality videos. Do not upload low resolution video because it may affect badly on your company.

8. Add link on PowerPoint slide generated video:

If your video is generated from PowerPoint slide, use custom background. This may be your website URL on the top corner or bottom corner. This technique will help you to get traffic when your videos are embedded on other site.

9. Use 640×360 (16:9) screen video:

If you use monitor screen shot video, then try to use the above mention size. This is very popular and acceptable size of video. Do not use 720 b unless you have no other option.

10. Use annotations:

Use annotations in your every video. This may be subscribing page, another channel name, related video link etc. You can only use internal link, external links are not allowed in annotations.

11. Use different location in every video:

Try to use different location for background for your every video. Allot 2 or 3 days monthly for video creation and make 5-7 videos in every day.

12. Focus on your face:

In motivational or tutorial videos, try to focus your face more and more. By this people can judge your speech whether it true or not.

13. Do not upload 10+ minutes video:

Do not make and upload 10+ minute video. It may bore your viewers. 1-3 minutes video is very popular on YouTube. Send clear and strong message with short videos. Divide your video in more than one part with annotations if it is more than 10 minutes long.

14. Comment related videos with links:

Spend 30 minutes every day to comment related category videos with some links. This will help you to get huge viewers.

15. Create more than one Google account:

Create more than one account. If one account is banned by Google, you can recover your marketing campaign by another account.

16. Make Controversial video:

Controversial videos can attract lot of viewers. So make Controversial videos and enter some content after them.

17. Use youlikehits.com to increase your subscriber:

Use youlikehits.com or similar site’s services to increase your YouTube videos viewers or subscriber.

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