June 2012


“You haven’t enough time to run your website or you are thinking about a new online business rather than existing one. So you are planning for sell the existing website or blog and looking for buyers. “

If you fall this above two line’s category, then I am going to give you good news.  You can sell your website to thousand of buyers with higher prices at Flippa is an auction platform for buying and selling website. It is the largest online market place for website and blog. Some websites are sold more than 10,000$. But most traders fail to get higher prices at flippa because of proper guidelines.

Today I want to give you some proven tips to sell your website at flippa and get the maximum prices.

1. Make sure your website is making money:

This is the most important factor to get higher bids and prices at flippa. Your website must be making money in order to get higher prices because buyers like productive website rather than unproductive one. Everyone seeks a website which can generate money instantly. Even if you have huge traffic, it will not work until you cannot make money. Make sure your website make at least 100$ per month before listing at flippa.