Make money online by selling digital or physical product is one kind unique home based business. You can earn six or seven figure income by doing this. Are you surprised? This is true; affiliate marketing is no longer a part time business. It becomes a full time earning source for many people. However, in order to be a successful affiliate marketer you have to follow some unique methods. Here I am presenting four most effective tips to get success as an affiliate marketer.


1. Use newsletter service:

This is the most popular way to make money from affiliate marketing. The leaders of affiliate use newsletter service or email marketing as their planning. Thousand are email marketing service provider are available on the net. All of them I like Aweber and Mailchip very much. Join Aweber or mailchimp and start your own campaign.


2. Give promotional codes:

People like discount because everyone try to cheap product in order to save their own money. Place discount codes with your campaign contents. It is not a matter of fact how much the discount is? It can be as 1 to 5$. But people will like this although it is too low.

3. Share your success stories:

Your present success is your future success. Share your earning stories on blog post or in email campaign. So that people will trust you. You can get some loyal customer. Try to give some earning proof when you share your stories.


4. Use updated tools:

Affiliate marketing is very competitive aspect. So you have to conscious about latest tools, tips methods etc. Never stop researching for new methods to gain competitive advantage. Try to be an elite forum poster and try to help people more and more. By this you can attract new visitors. All time keep in mind that the more people the more money in affiliate marketing.


I think these tips will help you to boost your affiliate income. To get more updated tips tricks please subscribe my blog. If you have any query please leave a comment below.


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