Get paid to write article becomes popular day by day.  It is an honorable profession at present. Not only the respect, fame and recognition issue but also the income or earning factor pushes it towards. Many authors have been earning six or seven figure income by blogging. But to get success from article writing and blogging you need to have well in English and some technical knowledge such as domain hosting, word press, SEO, etc. The major portion of online new money makers haven’t any technical knowledge though they are very well in English and creative writing. So they want to find the ideas from where they can earn without prior technical knowledge. Today I want to show you a nice and new site from where you can make money without any website of your own. The name of that site is Though the name of this site is experts column, in my point of view this site is very helpful for newbie’s. Now I am going to present the full review including pros, cons, payment proof etc of

 What is is an online knowledge sharing junction where authors from all over the world write column or article and get paid on pay-per-view basis. It was founded in 2009 by nikhil mahajan from India. The present page rank of expertscolumn is 3.

 How to earn from

The earning process of experts column is like as Authors write and publish their article expert column. The ads are shown with the article automatically. There is no need to have an adsense account of every author because it has an adsense API. When someone views the published article, the author is paid for every view.

 Earning overview:

  • They pay per thousand page views based on CTR, normally 1.5$ per 1000 views.
  • The minimum amount of withdraw is 5$ via PayPal and Money bookers.
  • They have a nice referral system. You can earn 10% from your every active referral.


Advantage of

Article republishing opportunity:

The main feature of this site is article republishing opportunity. I haven’t found any site powered by Google adsense accepts article republishing. This feature attracts elite authors to make double income from their already published articles. Article mills like triond, factoids and yahoo contributor’s networks are facing huge competition with expertscolumn because of this unique advantages.

Quick payout:

Another big advantage of experts column is quick payout system. The minimum payout limit is 5$. You can request for payment when you reach payment threshold. There is no need to wait till end of the month like triond. Experts column send payment the next day from the requesting period.

Nice referral system:

Experts column arrange a nice referral system. You can earn decent amount of money by referring other writers.


Disadvantages of experts column:

Hard to join:

Experts column approves new authors manually. I hope you know about the difficulty of manual approval system rather than automatically.

New site:

Though it was established before 2 years ago, it is pretty new brand to many people rather than triond.


More about Experts column:

  • The authors name must be same in all sites to republished article.
  • Experts column doesn’t accept PTC, adsense or any other money making related contents.

Payment proof:


If you have interest in get paid to article writing, experts column may be one of the best platform for you. It is a legit site and paying on times to its members. I haven’t found any bad comments about payment. So why wait. Join now and start earning.

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