I hope you have already known about make money with guest blogging. Today I will talk about a site from which you can make money by writing as a guest bloggers. Techmaish.com media is the name of that site.

Techmaish is a very popular internet blog. The main categories of this blog are blogging, social media, and marketing, photography, technology and internet tips. If you have interest and expertness in these topics, techmaish media will be the best option for you to make money with guest blogging. Bloggers allow guest blogging because they want to cover huge topics in shorter time. You can get back links and recognition from guest blogging.

Details program:

  • You have to register with techmaish.com first.
  • You have to submit your post to them.
  • The admin will review your post within 24 hours.
  • You can put maximum 2 links in your every article to get back links to your site.
  • After reviewing your article, will be published on techmaish.com if it is accepted by the review team.
  • You will earn money by adsense revenue sharing program.
  • Apart from this you will get huge visitors for your site.


I recommended you to read the rules and terms to be accepted of your article. If you have any query about trechmaish please contact techmaish or to me. Enjoy your blogging.


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