I assume that you are here with the intention to earn money online free. Like you, thousands of new visitors want to make money online without investment.

In my last two years experience, I saw that many people earn online by doing various tasks. Web design is one of them.

Do you ever hard about crowd sourcing? Crowd sourcing is a type of small freelance work like micro workers.

Today I will talk about a crowd sourcing and web designing site. The name of that site is 99designs.com. From this site you can earn money for free by web designing work without having any experience.

Before going to the main discussion I like to say that I am not affiliated with 99 designs. I am not encouraging you to register. But I found that many people used to earn from this site. So I write a review for you.

99designs.com is a micro freelance crowd sourcing site where web designing is the main task. They have a job board with a twist.

How to earn:

  • Employers create a new design contest based on their expectation, with all possible details.
  • Designers start working and submit that project for review.
  • Employers pick the best design
  • Winner of the project get reward


  • You need no portfolio or CV
  • Here only the matter of fact is skill nothing else.
  • You need not any experience.


  • There are a rumor that they pay a low rates

After all, I my opinion it is a great opportunity for new designers to earn some extra money with 99 design without any experience. GOOD LUCK.


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