is a paid forum posting site, popularly known as get paid to forum post which gives you opportunity to make money by discussing about online money making topics. The main categories of this forum are Hyip, GPT, Forex, MLM, Surf etc.The earning process is very simple, just sign up in and join the discussion with other members. Please look carefully how much GETs are offered in every category.

Earning overview:
  • You will earn .01$ to .05$ per thread .01 to .03$ per post.
  • Minimum payout is 1.5$.
  • The Payment methods are PayPal, liberty reserve and Alertpay or any other supported payment system.
  • Wait time for payment is one day or less.


Low Payout Limit: The main advantage of this site is low payout limit. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1.50$ which is easily reachable.

Huge categories: This site has numerous categories. If you haven’t any interest in money making discussion, you have option to talk about cricket, movie, and other things.

Contest: This site arrange poll game contest regularly. Winner earn 50$ from this contest weekly.


Boring: Although it has numerous categories, you may feel boring on GET. Because people want to increase post count quickly by posting low quality post.

Earning is not all categories: This site doesn’t pay in all categories to its member. Please read the forum rules carefully to sure about this rules.

Spam: Although it has good moderation but you may find many spam post on that site.

More about
  • Payments are counted based on GETs.
  • One GETs equal to one cent.
  • Every post must be more than 100 characters.
  • Low quality post may decrease your Gets points.
  • Your payment request must be submitted in proper way.

Payment proof:


Summery: forum is a good source of earning for the beginners online money maker. You will not be a rich man by working in this site. But you can earn 30$ to 100$ per month. It is a legit site and paying on time.


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