Google Adsense is the best way to earn online for free with a website or blog. But Google are very strict about their program policies. Thousand of publishers are being banned from Adsense due to policy violation every day.

Here are some common tips to protect your Adsense account from being banned…

  • Never click you own ads.
  • Never say anyone to click your ads.
  • Do not place more than 3 ad unit and 2 link lists in one page.
  • Do not put ads on under drop down menus.
  • Don’t put ads under misleading heading.
  • Don’t place ads on empty page.
  • Never change adsense code.
  • Don’t include ads in Email.
  • Never place ads on software.
  • Avoid excessive advertising and keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t apply for more than one adsense account.
  • Don’t add ads on unsupported language website.
  • Update your site regularly.
  • Don’t use auto traffic exchange.
  • Don’t place pop under ads. Etc.

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