Cloud Crowd is a crowd sourcing site like microworkers where you can earn money by doing various small tasks. It mainly works with face book application. So you need a face book account to join this site.

Earning overview:
  • People can join from any country where PayPal accepted.
  • There is no minimum Cash out.
  • Payments are on daily basis.
  • The rate of task is average .10$ to 5+$.

Unlimited direct referral: It allows unlimited direct referrals. So anyone can earn huge amount of money by referring friends or relatives.

Timely payment: From my personal experience, it pays timely (daily) whatever amount anyone earns.

Good forum: It has a good forum. Users can share their personal experience and get good support from the forum.

Low withdraw amount: The main advantage of this site, low withdraw limit. People always try to get payment after completing every task. Cloud crowd gives this nice opportunity to its users.

Established site: It is an established site and doing business over 2 years.


Availability of work: The works are not available in all time. So people must wait some hours for next available task.

Creditability score: To be eligible for task workers must have minimum creditability score. Getting creditability score is not very easy.

Only one payment processor: It has only one payment processor (PayPal). So people from all over the world can not join in it.

More about it:

  • Work approved by 5:00 pm pacific time will be paid by midnight of the next day.
  • You must have a face book account.
  • One account per user.
  • It has a nice referral option: 1st Level Personal Crowd (people you directly invite)10.1% of what they get  paid; 2nd Level Personal Crowd 3.2%; 3rd Level Personal Crowd 1.5% .
Payment Proof:


It is a legit site. It has good reputation and I strongly recommend you to join it in.



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