LetitBit.net is free internet hosting site which gives you the opportunity to earn money online by uploading and sharing files online. There are many website like letibit.net in online, but all of them are not free.

Earning overview:
  •  The rates are 5-15$ per 1000 downloads (the price depends on the quality of the traffic).
  • you receive cash only for files larger than 1MB
  • The minimum payout level is set at 5 dollars
  • The Payment methods are PayPal, WebMoney or any other supported payment system.

 Easy Registration: The registration process in letibit.net is very easy. Only you need to enter a valid email address.

Easy Download: The download process is very easy than any other hosting service website.

No limit: The best thing is that they do not limit speed, size, or term of use of any of your files.


Slow Upload: In my experience the upload process in letibit.net is very slow.

Design: The design is not look like professional.

Forum: The forum is only single language (non English).


More about letibit.net:
  • It has a premium membership option.
  • It allows adult contents.


Payment proof:



It is a legit site. Many webmaster have already been using it. You should try now.


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