Make money online by writing article is not a new method to earn online. Thousands of writers earn money by writing content on different topics. I hope you already know about adsense revenue sharing program. Today I will discuss about a get paid to write and adsense revenue sharing site which name is

Squidoo is a popular blogging community. In this site, anyone can create content pages (lenses) and publish on his own name. Thousands of people earn money by creating lenses on squidoo. Lensemaster has an option to monetize their lenses with google adsense, infolinks chithika, texlinks adns and Amazon and Ebay etc.

Program Overview:

  • You will get money on the basis of thousand page views of your article.
  • You can contribute 50% of your earning into charity fund.
  • You can refer other writer. You will get 5$ per active referral.
  • The least pay outs is 5$ via PayPal.


  • Google loves squidoo that means your page will be indexed in Google quickly.
  • The page rank is high rather than other blogging community.
  • You will get back links and huge visitor for your site.
  • The user interface is very easy to operate for the novice people.
  • The have huge categories and nice ranking system of lenses.
  • You need not adding any adsense account of your own.
  • They have a nice user’s award system on the basis of points.


  • Squidoo is a community for professional writer. So it is very difficult to find good ranking for novice writers.
  • You have to write big article with huge resources to get good ranking and points.
  • The only payment system is PayPal.

At last, I want to say that it is a legit site and paying on time to the users. By joining on this site for free, you may get money as well as back links with huge visitor for your site.


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