What is Freelancing?

The term “freelance” was first used by Sir Walter Scott in his romance Ivanhoe to describe a “medieval mercenary warrior” (or “free-lance”). The phrase later known as a noun around the 1860s and was then officially recognized as a verb in 1903.

Nowadays, freelancing is one of the very popular professions in the world. The main center of this profession is online. Everyday more people involved with this profession. Freelancing profession is a huge incoming sector in the world. But the question is what is freelancing?

The word ‘freelancing’ come from freelance, an adjective or noun, means working independently for different employers rather than permanently for one. People who involve in freelance or freelancing is known as freelancers. Freelancers are those people who work with independent and can choose work by themselves without a long-term contract with any of employers or companies. Freelancers are self employed persons. Free-lancer can work like a contractor and does the work at any time, do it by night and submit by morning. The top reason of this profession great popularity is, people are free here, and they can decide everything about their profession. Every freelancer can work from his home. For many people, the dream of independence turns into reality when they become freelancers. Consulting or freelancing is the most straightforward path towards being your own boss. You can succeed with freelancing, with your commitment and seriousness with the work you do.

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