Best WordPress SEO Plugin – All In SEO Pack

I seem that you read my first article about SEO which was “What is SEO? Importance of SEO in online business?

This is a true fact that SEO is the most important thing to earn online from a blog or website. Good SEO can boost you online income.

Today I will discuss about a word press SEO plug in. It name is All in SEO Pack. It is the best SEO plug-in I have ever seen.

Step by step guidelines to set up ALL IN SEO plug in:

  1. Download All in SEO pack from here.
  2. Install it in your word press blog.
  3. Click ‘All in SEO’ from setting. ( an configuration page will open)
  4.  Click “enable” in ‘plug in status’
  5. Write a title of your blog.
  6. Write a short description of your blog.
  7. mark “canonical URL”
  8. mark “Rewrite Titles”
  9. Don’t change on ‘post title format’ to ‘paged format’
  10. mark ‘use categories for meta keywords’
  11. mark ‘use for meta keywords’
  12. Mark ‘dynamically generates keywords for posts page’.
  13. unmark “use no index for categories’ to use no index for tag archives’
  14. mark ‘auto generate descriptions and capitalize category titles’
  15. Click update.

Your site is now ready for better SEO. Best of luck.


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