Get An Approve Adsense Account Within 1 Day

Google adsense is one of the best, legit and popular ways to earn online. People always try to get an adsense account easily. To get approved Google adsense account you must need some minimum requirements. To see the minimum requirements please read my previous post.    Minimum Requirements to Join Adsense.  

But what will happen if you haven’t any website or your website is under construction and you want to get an adsense account?

To solve such types of problems today I will give you some tips to get an approved adsense account in one day. I personally got approved in one day.

The site name where you will get an adsense account quickly is It is a adsense revenue sharing site. It was mainly a video sharing site. But now it is a photo sharing, blogging and social networking site also. To apply in adsense you need minimum 10 post/ sharing items. These can be blog, photos, videos or combination of all these items. I recommend you to write at least at least 5 unique articles, share 3 photos, and 2 videos. Everything must comply with adsense program policies. After posting 10 items you will be allowed to apply adsense. Then apply adsense by entering your email address (new email recommended). A mail will come into your email address. At last follow the mail instructions. I hope you will get an approved adsense account. Good day to you.

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