5 Best Crowdsourcing Sites List To Earn Money

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a buzzword everywhere over the net. It means doing task traditionally using human in a group rather than computers. It is an open problem-solving model. The solvers may be known or unknown by the employers personally. The users of problem solving known as crowd generally a group of people in a community. The solvers can make money by doing simple task provided by the employers.

Today I want to show you the 5 best crowdsourcing sites list. You can make 100$ per month from these sites. These sites are legit and paying on time. I found some payment proof about them overt the net.

  1. Microworkers.com: It is the best and trusted ever micro freelancing site. It is now well developed and well known every where on internet. It is an online platform that connects employers and workers together for their own benefit. You can earn money from it by completing simple tasks (micro job) within few minutes. These tasks include simple sign-ups, forum post, rating youtube videos, voting, creating backlinks, writing reviews or articles, downloading applications etc. It is free to join for all countries. The minimum Payout is 9$ via PayPal, alertpay, moneybookers etc. based on net 30.
  2. Minuteworkers.com: It is getting popular day by day. Like Mircrowokers, it connects employers and workers in same place. It has nice user interface. It was created in 2009 to reduce economic problems of UK but it is now open for international users. Their slogan is “Turning your minute into money”. The minimum payout is 2$ via PayPal. You can also earn money by posting their forum. You can earn .01$ per post and tread.
  3. Mturk.com: Amazon mechanical turk known as ‘mturk’ is established is November 2005. It is operated by famous commercial website Amazon.com. It is a crowd sourcing site that enables employers (Requesters) to complete their tasks by using human intelligence. The Requesters are able to post tasks known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks), Workers (Providers) can then browse among existing tasks and complete them. Providers will get paid, if their task is approved by the employers.
  4. Cloudcrowd.com: Cloudcrowd is an online leading marketplace with more than 125,000 workers. It provides nice opportunity for any individual to earn handsome money by completing simple task like 10 second verification task. They take project from any company and break it down into a smaller set of tasks that users have to complete using Facebook application. There is no minimum payout in cloudcrowd. You will get paid in next business day via PayPal of today’s earning.
  5. Jobboy.com: JobBoy is founded in 2010. It looks like pretty new site but getting popular in every moment. It is a service of Hostingiso, Inc. The offices of Jobboy are located in Istanbul Turkey. It has nice and quick job board interface. The minimum payout is 10$ via PayPal and alertpay. They also give some bonus to high rating workers. You can’t withdraw the bonus amount. You can spend it by creating a new campaign of your own.

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