19 Quick Tips To Write A Good Blog Post

  1. First of all determine your topic. It means take a decision about your post subject. Brainstorming can help you to determine a topic.
  2. Then crate a title of your post. The title should not common in online. Your title should be unique to get rank from search engine. Put some extra keyword, if it is common.
  3. Your title should describe your article body. A good title may attract your readers. Title should not long or too short rather than descriptive.
  4. Find resource about your topic through online. You should read articles of others website about your topic. The more you read the more you learn and more you can write.
  5. Now start writing as about your topic as much you can. I recommend you to write in a paper notepad first if you are a new blogger. Don’t think about your article quality in this stage.
  6. Use appreciates keywords if your intention is to earn money by blogging. You may use Google ad word keyword tools to find better keyword for your content. If you write about domain use ‘domain yahoo’ or ‘domain name yahoo’ which has high value in Ad sense.
  7. Divide your article into paragraph. It will help to attract reader’s concentration. According to some experts, people get bored if there is no paragraph and they lose concentration.
  8. Try to use bullet point if you can. Bullet point helps readers to find every paragraph starting line.
  9. Use some humors and funny things that will help to revisit of reader to your website.
  10. Always emphasize on your readers not anything else.
  11. Try to use an image in your article to make content interesting.
  12. Be sure that your post is easy to scan.
  13. Experts recommend that 250 words are enough for a good article.
  14. Be consistent with your style of writing. Don’t use some bullet point some others styles.
  15. Use later keyword for search engine.
  16. Revise your post to cheek grammatical and spelling errors. You can use MS Word or some grammar cheek software to revise your post.
  17. Drafting your article to cut unnecessary part of your article.
  18. Now publish your article into your blog or website.
  19. Submit URL to search engine and ping your post URL to some ping service provider site.

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