Make Money With First Bangladeshi Freelancing Site

‘Deshi worker’ is a term of dream among the Bangladeshi freelancers. It is the first online freelance site in Bangladesh.  It is getting popularity day by day.

I was curious about it when it was first launched. I registered as an employer and post some project for my site. I found that the workers are very friendly but professional. They completed my project nicely. So I decided to share my experience and review with you.

Deshi worker is a freelance site like or ODesk. Employer post their project, Workers bid on that project. When someone’s bid is approved by the employer, they are allowed to do the work. After finishing the work, they submit it to the workers and get paid.

How to start:

Create an account by giving little information. There are two options such as employer and worker. Choose your option and complete the registration process. Then update your profile with full information.

How to get works:

If you are a worker, browse the job category. See, hundreds of jobs are waiting for you. Then bid a job which is suitable for you. To win a bid read my this post

How to post a project:

If you are an employer, click to “post new project” menu. Then post your project with full details.

Transaction process:

Employers are allowed to pay money by using PayPal, alert pay, bank transfer, cash, and flexi load methods. Workers can withdraw their money by using Bank transfer, cash and flexi load methods.

To know more about read this FAQ:

More Information:

  1. 100% Deshi site.
  2. Support Bengali language.
  3. Transactions are in BDT currency.
  4. Minimum payout is 100 BDT
  5. International users can participate.
  6. Employer cannot post project before deposit.
  7. Has a nice employer and worker rating methods.
  8. Supported banks are DBBL, SIBL and Brac bank for bank transfer.


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