How To Win A Freelance Bid? 28 Tips

It is not a matter of fact whether you are an experience or new freelancer to win a bid of a new project. But the main fact is how you bid? So the bidding tactics is important to get a task quickly. In this article I try to give some bidding tactics to you:

  1. Choose projects which you can deliver on time and date.
  2. Don’t bid such type of work that you know a little or none.
  3. Name the employers in the bid.
  4. Don’t only write that “I can do it” place detail of what you can do.
  5. Think deeply first before go to bid. Some works are personal of employers. So they are not concern about time line and payment. Try to avoid such types of works.
  6. Don’t put message similar for different kinds of project.
  7. Read the job description with deep concentration.
  8. Write what you understand by reading the job description.
  9. Try to discuss every line of requirements in your letter.
  10. Don’t bid big or low amount rather than your standard.
  11. Show your confidence in your message.
  12. Give a reference of your portfolio.
  13. Give a sample task with your message.
  14. Get ready for trial task if the buyers insist.
  15. Show your professionalism your all steps.
  16. Try to make good timing of communication.
  17. Log in to freelancer sites daily for new queries from employers.
  18. Be serious about your communication process.
  19. Try to emphasize in single bid rather than several bids.
  20. Try to honest in every time.
  21. Think yourself as a buyer and try to bid know the buyers expectation.
  22. Do not write lengthy paragraph that can make bore your employer.
  23. Do every bid with full heart.
  24.  Be polite and natural in your bid message.
  25.  Keep revising and updating your profile regularly for new opportunities.
  26.  Do not ask any sympathy from client to get the job.
  27.  Never get irritated with any message from buyer.
  28.  Last of all keep your mind that “slow but steady still wins the race

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