10 Popular Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites List For Blogger

Have you ever heard the word “Google Adsense”?

If you are an experienced internet user you may very familiar with it. Otherwise, you will ask “what is Google adsese?”

Google adsense is an advertisement application operated by the Google Inc. By using adsense the website owner can get revenue from their website or blog. Google adsense pays PPC (pay per click) or pay per impression basis to the website owner. It is the most popular ways to earn on the internet. To know more about adsense click here or I will discuss about it fully in future, so keep eye on my website.

To earn from Google adsense you must have a website or blog. But what happen if you are a new internet user and doesn’t have any knowledge about ‘how to make and run a website’?  Again you are good writer and want to earn from internet.

Don’t worry there are many adsense revenue sharing sites on the net. They allow you to share knowledge and earn some royalty on percentage basis. You may not worry about website making, traffic, operating a website. Everything will be their concern. Only you have to write good and excellent content.

Advantages of revenue sharing site:

  • Excellent way to earn money for new user
  • Provide traffic to website by back link
  • Better way to show your talent
  • Reduce worry about running a website
  • Connect with new people
  • Better way to learn

Disadvantages of revenue sharing site:

  • Payment is percentage basis (not all)
  • Require standard English
  • Ad placement

Tips to earn from revenue sharing site:

  • Always try to write useful and high quality keywords content, you may use Google adwords keyword search to find high quality keyword.
  • Don’t copy content from anywhere, write it from yourself.
  • Read others writer content and comment everyday
  • Share your content in social networking site
  • Be confident that you have talent
  • Write the content as detail as possible
  • If you haven’t Google adsense account, apply after submitting 10 post with a new email account.

 10 popular Revenue sharing sites:

1. Squidoo.com:

Squidoo is popular publishing community. It is a better way to earn without a website. You earn from Amazon affiliate, adsense and many more. The minimum payout of squidoo is 1$ via PayPal.

2. Hubpages.com:

Hubpages is an online spaces to share advice, tips, reviews etc. It is the most popular revenue sharing site. The important thing is that Google loves Hubpages. The Ways to earn are Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, Kontera, EBay Affiliates, and Traffic Referral Program. The minimum payout: 50$ via paypal.

3. Shetoldme.com:

Shetoldme.com is a paid to articles submission and dig like program. It shares 100% Google adsense and chitikha revenue.  Its page rank is 5 and you can get back links for your website from it.

4. Triond.com:

Triond is the best articles, poems, creative writing site in my point of view. I also write regularly in triond. You don’t need Google adsense account here like Squidoo.com. They have plenty of website to publish your content. They seek unpublished content rather than standard.

5. Trendhunter.com:

Trendhunter is a zone of publishing latest trends in Spotting, Cool Hunting, Innovation, Fashion Trends, Style, Gadgets, Tech, Pop Culture, Art, and Design. With 35,000,000 monthly views, TrendHunter.com is the world’s largest, most popular trend community. They have 62,000 global members.

6. Flixya.com:

Flixya is a social networking site mostly concern with share videos and photos online. Members can earn from here with a google adsense account. It is an amazing way to fun and earn.

7. Shoutmeloud.com:

Shoutmeloud is a community blog mainly concern with Blogging, make money online, wordpress etc. They allow bloggers to take part and contribute via Guest posts. This site is owned by Harsh Agrawal who is a young, enthusiastic blogger and very familiar on the internet.

8. Xmoba.com:

Xmoba is a social networking site. Members Make post, share links and do much more and can earn from sponsored ads. It shares 50% revenue with the member.

9. Bestreviewer.com:

Best reviewer mainly focuses on review website and products. They want to find out the rank of your product or service or anything else. Example 🙁 Top 10…..). It is a 100% revenue sharing site.

10. Busika.com:

‘Learn, share and earn’ is the main theme of this website. Busika.com is an article submission, problems solving and educational and informational site. Their mission is to maximize knowledge among the members and guests. Members can earn from there by chitikha, adsense and infolinks text ads.

I will publish detail articles about this website in future. So keep eye on my website.

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