Earn 100$ Per Day From Yahoo Answer

I hope you may be surprised to see the title of this post. Yes, this is true; you can make money by answering question at yahoo. For you convenience, first I want to say that yahoo doesn’t provide or give any money to its users.

A question may arise in your mind like, “How can I make money from Yahoo answer?

Yahoo answer is a questioning and answering community where people can get knowledge and share knowledge. It is operated by popular search engine yahoo Inc. The page rank of yahoo is very high and all popular search engine love yahoo answer.

 How to earn:

People are asking questions because the want to know something.

 1. Earn by affiliate marketing:

This is the main turning point of this post. I hope you know about the affiliate marketing system. Thousands of affiliate marketing site are available on the net. From them click bank, Amazon and Commission junction are well-developed. You can earn commission by selling these affiliate sites’s product in yahoo answer.

For example:

Suppose someone is asking what is the best web hosting? You can answer it with a referral link like this:

Host gator is the best website company.

2. Earn from micro freelance:

Thousands of works about yahoo answer can be found in many micro freelance sites microworkers, minuteworkers, mturk etc. You can make money by completing such little work at these micro freelance sites.


  • Do not put any spam link on yahoo answer.
  • ‘No commercial activity” is one of the important guidelines in TOS of Yahoo ans. So use this affiliate link technique at your own risk.

I have found many people earn 100$ or more per day from this method.

 Some extra tips:

  • Try to concise your answer.
  • Answer any question to the point.
  • Don’t put only a referral link than some expiation.
  • Try to gain trust of the questioner with your answer.


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