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Today I will discuss about an amazing site to make money online for beginners. This site is known as

What is

Triond is a simply publishing site. It allows users to easily publish quality content of any type, in any media format. They publish your content on their partner websites so you reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue. It is owned by Stanza Ltd., a privately held company based in Tel Aviv.

Who can join in triond?

Everyone can join in triond. There are no restrictions to join this site.

Requirements to join?

You need only a PC, internet connection and a PayPal ID.

What is seeking from writer?

There is no experience needed in triond. But they seek the unique content which has not published online already.

Which types of content can you write?

According to triond policy you can write any type of media content such as article, reachers paper, jokes, story, poems etc. you cannot write any topic which are illegal.

How to write in Triond?

There is no application and approval process in registration. So first of all open an account on triond. You can sign up by using your facebook ID. Then write and submit your content. Within few minutes a Triond editor reviews submitted articles. You will receive a confirmation mail about approval and rejection of your content.

Where your contents will publish?

If your content is approved by the team, your content will publish their partner site.

  • Authspot – creative writing
  • Cinemaroll – movies
  • Computersight – computer, software, and hardware
  • Gameolosophy – video games
  • Gomestic – home and garden
  • Healthmad – health
  • Musicouch – music
  • Newsflavor – news
  • Picable — photography
  • PurpleSlinky – humor and offbeat
  • Quazen – hobbies and activities
  • Scienceray – science
  • Socyberty – society, politics, and human behavior
  • Sportales – sports
  • Telewatcher – TV
  • The Real Owner – pets
  • Webupon – web-based applications and online services
  • WritingHood – writing information, tips, and advice

Why triond pay you?

Triond put ads on the page on your content. If readers click the ads, Triond will get revenue. From this revenue they will give a portion.

How triond pay you?

Triond pay you on the basis of impression of your content. They give 50% of income from your content to you. The money is calculated in USD. They pay via PayPal after every month.

Pros of triond:

  • No restriction to join
  • No experience need to join
  • Good for non professional writer
  • Accept all kinds of contents
  • Varity of partner sites
  • No need to add your Google ad sense ID
  • The site does not have any style or formatting standards.

Cons of triond:

  • Since Triond accepts content from any writer, Triond’s page rank is low
  • Content should be optimize in search engine
  • Very difficult to earn huge income from it.

Tips to earn more from triond:

  • Write and write more content
  • Don’t copy content from anywhere
  • Write at least 3 content per day
  • Share your content everywhere
  • Try to focus on niche topic

My triond contents:


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