4 Little-Known Ways to Make Money Online.

Adsense. Blogging. Freelance writing. If these usual suspects of typical make money online opportunities make you want to take a nap, it may be time to look outside the box. Here are 4 ways that people just like you make money online everyday with techniques you may have never heard of.

1. Reputation Management

Companies are in desperate need of people that can help patch over back feedback left online. Whether it’s an angry customer or a slew of bad reviews, businesses large and small are willing to pay big bucks to help clear their name. Those that have branded themselves as Reputation Management Experts of consultants consistently rake in thousands of dollars per client just for removing or diluting feedback on sites like Yelp.com and AngiesList.com.

The best part is, because the field is so new, you can literally start a website and start taking clients within a week or two of learning the ropes.

 2. Online Surveys for Money

Do you know that companies spend billions of dollars every single year on market research? They do, and they’ll likely spend more every year as it becomes easier to directly reach the consumers they want to hear from thanks to the internet. While online surveys for money sounds like a fantastic way to make a little money (and it is), you must be very weary of scams that promise high-paying surveys buy deliver nothing. When seeking out paid online survey panels, stick to reputable websites such as Ipsos I-Say. You may also want to check out honest online surveys for money reviews to make sure a site is trustworthy before you proceed.

3. Infographic Design

Infographics are all the rage these days and companies are using them more and more as a promotional tool. If you can pitch yourself as a infographic designer you can make significantly more money per project than if you were just another graphic designer. You can learn what makes a successful infographic by heading over to http://visual.ly/ and seeing the most popular infographics there.

4. Social Media Consultant

Every business needs a presence on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. However, they usually lack the know-how to make this happen effectively. That’s where you come in. By helping brands get more traffic and recognition through social media, you’ll become in incredibly high demand in a short period of time.

This post was written by Spencer who owns several niche websites, including Survey Spencer.

10 Best Forex Trading Tips to be an Expert Trader

Forex market is considered as one of the extreme risky market in the world. As the probability of losing your money here is almost 90%, so you should trade with some effective strategies to make profit. In this case, we are going to help you to figure out best trading tips to trade expertly.

1. Trusting cheap expert advice is ridiculous:

In Forex market, lots of advisors are available for providing faulty instructions trying to provoke with gaining profits with low cost and risk. You should avoid them if you don’t want to lose your money.

2. “Get your guaranteed income per month”- totally spurious:

Since, nobody can minimize the high risk of Forex market; it’s ridiculous to get assurance of getting a fixed amount of money per month from anybody. So get rid of it.

3. Use a simple but effective strategy:

Your system should not be complicated for your easy understanding. Moreover complicated systems will consume your time and keep away from profit for a long time. An effective system is really important for a trader.

4. Study and know the Forex trading information in a proper way:

Trading in Forex market without proper knowledge is the main reason behind losing money by many traders. So study and attend the expert seminar to enrich your Forex market knowledge.

5. Update yourself with latest Forex news:

For basic Forex analysis, update with the latest Forex market news is most important. Price determination will greatly help you with updating news.

6. Select an efficient Forex trader:

Forex broker are sometimes way to success in Forex market. A trustworthy and reputable broker should be chosen so that you can get dependable services and information from them.

7. Take challenge without fear:

It seems you are going to increasing profits, and then don’t give up after getting first gaining. You don’t know it may result an incredible change in your life.

8. Long time is always required for huge profit:

Real achievement and success comes with experience, patience and time. In such type of work, you should be cool and confidential to your utmost achievement with proper knowledge and punctuality.

9. Keep out of trade when busy:

When you are busy with something or sleeping, and then stay aloof from trade because in a quick instant, you may take wrong decision results loss of your money.

10. Be patient if your expectation does not match with reality:

Don’t be upset when you are failed to gain your expected result. Remain patient, you have to change your system, look for trusted broker and eventually look forward to next option.

Hope, the above effective steps will help you to take right decision and make an honorable position in Forex market with huge profit.

10 Tips to Hire a Freelancer Effectively – Tips for Contractor

Finding freelancer for hiring has now become an important issue for the contractors. As unskilled and inexperienced freelancer are now trying to convince contractors, so contractors have to careful in the time of choosing best skilled freelancer for their job. Following tips can help a contractor to select the skilled freelancer:

1. Available freelancers on online sites:

Many freelancing websites are in internet for the easy and quick selection for contractors. Freelancer.com, odesk.com etc. useful sites have lot of freelancer from which you have to select most experienced one for the perfection of your job.

2. Your job requirement should have a portfolio:

Evaluation of any skilled freelancer can be considered through a portfolio. You will get an instant snapshot of the skill of freelancer from the portfolio he provided. Consider the matching with your job through portfolio and select the best one.

3. Evaluate the experience mentioned in profile:

Experienced freelancer adds their previous experience in their profile. So you can have an overview of that person from the experience event. Besides, consider the present working condition of the freelancer you are going to hire.

4. Different test marks carries the standard of freelancer:

Many freelancing sites have free tests for their members for evaluating the skill in the field they want to work. The mark of these tests play important role for hiring them by contractors.

5. Attractive and professional cover letter:

A cover letter without grammatical errors and spelling mistake has a positive impact on the mind of contractor. So for hiring professional and to the point freelancers, contractors should examine cover letters send by freelancer.

6. Professional outlook through websites:

If any freelancer has experience of posting his previous jobs in any websites, then take a look at the website. Or ask him to provide his personal websites.

7. Taking an interview:

An interview is the way of evaluating task. Select applicants and take interview from them in terms of details of your job. Perfectness will be expressed through interview.

8. Consider the per hour work experience:

If the work is based on hourly, then discuss about the job per hour from him. It expresses his efficiency and effectiveness.

9. Communication ways is another option:

A responsible freelancer makes quick response. Ensure the quick and effective communication ways of freelancer you going to hire. Gmail and Skype are common ways as communication media in this sector.

10. Observe the first task:

Observe and evaluate the first task you have given. If it goes with your provided requirements, then select him. If not, reject him.

It is not our assurance but above steps will help you a lot to select and hire a freelancer for your job effectively.

10 Tips to Write a Killer Cover Letter to Get Hired Quickly in Freelancing

In this virtual world, Freelancing is considered as one of proper source of self-employment. In freelancing, a cover letter is your first impression before your buyer or client who is going to hire you. Your probable success is dependent on that cover letter by opening the door of opportunity. For getting the job, highlight your personality, experience and interest to job in the cover letter. For that, you should write a professional, genuine and killer cover letter. We can help you be aware of ten simple but effective tips of writing a killer cover letter mentioned below:

1. Address yourself with professional greetings in right format:

Your starting should encourage the client to hire you. Don’t use the casual word like “hey, whats up” etc. a formal way of starting is really appreciable. “Dear Sir, Dear John” are proper way.  Consider the right format of your cover letter that is correct in grammatically.

2. Representing your interest to the job may be positive:

Emphasize on the interest and your dedication to the work. Clients always try to find a person who is dedicated and sincere to do the job in proper way. Show your passion regarding job after greeting part.

3. Subject matter of Letter must be to the point but brief:

Don’t bother buyer writing a novel on your cover letter. You should inform him that you are the right person with enough skill and experience to do his job.

4. Mention your skill has a match with posted job:

Client post the job with some requirements to hire the appropriate person. Show that you are skilled enough to do the job. Be professional and present your personality in a professional way. You

5. Experience may be your plus point:

Inspire of mentioning your skill and efficiency in cover letter, a traditional way of evaluating you by buyer is experience. Add your best portfolio for attracting buyer’s attention. Attach your previous work experience and provide any link where your work was posted.

6. Mention how fast you are:

Quick response is very important in freelancing. In your cover letter, inform the client about your quickness and timeliness. Mention the deadline of submitting your job.

7. Focus your uniqueness and your probability:

If you are new in this sector, you should apply some new but effective ways. Try to differentiate you from other in ways and your probable effective in future.

8. Be simple and honest:

You should be honest to present your skills. Fake things cannot make good result.

9. Correct errors after proofreading cover letter:

Grammatical errors and spelling mistake can ruin the whole cover letter. So alert while using words and proofread your letter by others.

10. Happy ending:

Finish your cover letter acknowledging your gratefulness to client. And eventfully send it.

If you really want some output just try the above tips. No one can tell you that a cover letter is responsible behind your success.

How College Students Can Make Money Online By Blogging?

In a time of higher unemployment people going to school often wonder if there is a possibility of finding online jobs for college students which offer good pay.  This article will discuss a way to make money online using your writing skills and blogging.  It will help to show some ways to blog more efficiently while warning you about one of the biggest problems that bloggers run into.


Blogging is a relatively recent way to make money online.  The first step to blogging is to find something you want to write about often.  Some people like to blog about sports, card collecting, weddings, and fashion.  One of the things to keep in mind is that you want to enjoy blogging while also having a good audience for it.  Having a positive outlook and building a good audience will help you make more money in the long run.


A second point to watch for while you blog is to make sure you write with correct grammar.  You generally won’t impress your audience or make people want to come back and visit your blog if it is written using poor grammar.  Using poor grammar also won’t impress the advertisers, who are the ones that will be paying you.


The next step is finding a place to host your blog.  This can be done by going to a hosting site like blogspot.com or buying a domain yourself.  You want to have a domain that is catchy and memorable.  When deciding on a name, make sure it’s available and fits with what the blog is about.  Too often the URL won’t help to make people remember what your blog is about.  You want people to remember the URL and visit your page.


The way one actually makes money blogging is by being paid by advertisers.  This money can be made one of two ways depending on the size of your blog.  One way is to use Google Adsense on your blog.  When you sign up you can have Google place ads on your website.  These advertisements will lead to a different page if clicked.  The company would then pay you for every click.  Generally it will be anywhere from ten cents to a few dollars per click.  Google Adsense is the most popular form of pay-per-click advertising and I highly recommend it.  Imagine if you have 5,000 people per day who view your page and click on the advertisements.  That can add up to some extra cash in a hurry.


Another way to get paid is a set fee per day or month for the advertisement.  You simply sell advertising space to companies who want to advertise at your site.  This will take more time and effort than simply installing some Adsense code but can be worth the extra effort in the long run.


Blogging can be a way to make some extra money online.  It will take time and some effort but in the end it can be very rewarding.  I would advise you to do some research and think out the concept you want to blog about before beginning.  I would also advise you to have fun with it.  Being positive will give your audience greater satisfaction and help you to make more money.

How to make money by teaching English online? – Most Useful Tips

The market for English teachers in countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and in the Middle East, is booming!

All of these countries, and many more, are determined that their citizens learn the number one business language on the planet, and that language, for right now, is English.  That is why Americans, Canadians, the British, and Australians, or anyone fluent in English, are having such a glorious time going overseas – as English speakers, they are in high demand at public and private schools.  Salaries are usually high, compared to the cost of living in the specific country, and students are usually very appreciative of the English speaker’s innate knowledge of the language.  It sure beats hanging around home, being unemployed!

For various reasons, however, there are many people who would like to teach English as a second language to another part of the world, but who can’t travel.  Parents with small children, for instance, or those with debilitating, but not life-threatening, illness; or perhaps having a parent who needs close supervision; there are those, too, who are nervous about whether a certain country has a stable government, or if they are going to have to flee in the middle of the night due to some sudden revolution.

For those people, who want to teach English to foreigners but who choose not to go overseas to do it, the solution is simple:  Teach online!  That way you can stay right where you are, teaching English from your own home!

Today there are thousands of eager students in countries like China and South Korea who are anxious to learn English online.  Usually their companies or schools pay for the online class, because they want their employees/teachers to have first-hand experience with a native English speaker without the hassle, time and expense of having to travel to another location for a physical classroom.

All it takes is a good Internet connection in your home and a computer with a good video and audio hookup, plus a Skype connection.  If you have these things, plus are a native English speaker or someone who speaks English flawlessly without a foreign accent, there are online teaching jobs available right now!  Salaries range from 12 to 25 American dollars per hour, and sometimes more, depending on the company you work for, and the hours you are willing to commit to teaching online.

It would be a good idea, before pursuing an online English teaching position, to become TESOL certified.  TESOL stands for “teaching English to speakers of other languages”.  This is the standard certification that English teachers are asked to have when they go teach overseas, whether it be in China or Indonesia.  If you live in a large metropolitan area, the chances are good that one of your local universities or colleges has a night class for TESOL certification.  It should last only one semester.  Or, you can become TESOL certified by taking an online course.  They usually cost just a few hundred dollars and last for about 2 months.  There are dozens of online TESOL certification schools; just make sure that you pick one that is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau, to be sure you’re not cozened into paying for a worthless TESOL certificate.

There are dozens of online job boards that advertise for ESL (English as a second language) teachers, and on them you will find online teaching positions available.  You can try Dave’s ESL Café, Ajarn, or ESL Employment.  They all have excellent job boards that are updated regularly, as well as chat rooms for you to ask more specific questions about your dreams of teaching English as a second language.

So good luck and good job hunting!

This post was written by Tim Torkildson who taught English in Thailand for seven years.  He now works as a free-lance blogger for companies such as http://www.disabilityinsurancelawyers.com/

6 Ways to Edit Your Blog Posts After You Publish Them

Published never equals permanent. With your blog, you have the ability to go back and edit any of your posts at any time. Lots of bloggers stay away from the “edit” button because they feel changing a post after it’s been published is somehow dishonest to their readers. However, it’s possible that sentiment is actually more of a disservice than a little rewriting is.

Here are some ways you can, and should, edit your blog posts after you publish them. (And here’s a pro tip: don’t edit in secret. Include a note of when and what updates you made on the post, or use a strikethrough to identify changes.)
1. Correct a Mistake

Word usage error? Grammar or spelling mistake? Go back and subtly fix it, especially if it affects your message. There’s no reason to keep your typos alive. If you made a more significant mistake, like incorrectly quoting a fact or providing false information (unintentionally, of course), let your readers know, and fix it for their benefit.
2. Search Engine Optimization

This can be a sneaky little trick, but use your analytics to tweak your past blog posts and improve their SEO. If you discover a better keyword, for example, change the wording in your post. Don’t drastically change anything or alter your message; just make your post more search-engine friendly for the benefit of your blog.
3. Add Resources

You try to help your readers and give them blog posts that are useful to them; it’s how you keep them coming back for more. Don’t be afraid to return to a past post and add additional resources as you come across them. If you discover a great new article or database, for example, update your post to include a link. This is mainly for the benefit of new readers if people are not likely to re-read the post.
4. Add Images

Anything that can enhance your post can be added in the future, including images. Insert a new picture that illustrates your point, or add a helpful info-graphic. If you decide later that your readers would be better served with a visual representation of something you discussed, take a picture and make an update.
5. Update Content

If you comment or cover a timely news story, you can feel free to go back and edit it to include updated information when things change. In this case you definitely shouldn’t change your post, just add to it to alert readers of new developments since the post was originally published. Any other content with related developments can also be updated to reflect the most current information.
6. Include Reader Feedback

You may find some insightful feedback in the comments after a blog is published, or you may be contacted directly by a reader who has something more to add or a new point of view. Edit your blog post with reader feedback to make it richer. If a thought-provoking reader comment could round out a post or provide additional benefits to other readers, edit the post accordingly.

Alayne Valentine is a blogger and college student who has plenty of practice editing blog posts. She loves to write and covers anything from blog content to using grammar checkers.

Photo Credit: ajSEO

11 Useful Tips to Write Your Popular Post within Tonight

Popular post is the post which has unique, useful and helpful contents. It should have the ability to attract more readers and visitors. Generally in the popular post, people tend to comment more and share more. One popular post can bring huge traffic than usual post. But writing a popular post is difficult sometimes. It needs lots of time, contribution, sacrifice and research etc. If you haven’t written your popular post yet, then try to write it now. In this post I will give you some simple tips to write your popular post within tonight.

1. Spend enough time:

Spend around 8 hours to write popular post and 1 hour on usual post. More time means more good content because you will get enough time to refine, format and fill your content. Craft your content with proper steps and make it valuable finished product.

2. Your post must be helpful:

A post will be popular when it will fulfill some needs of readers. Write on something that is very useful for your readers.

3. Don’t write long introduction:

Generally readers skip the introduction of any post in a blog. They look the bullet points to get their necessary tips. So don’t write long introduction. It may bore your readers about rest of the post. Tell them what you will discuss in the post like “In the post, I am going to do this, this and that” in brief.

4. Write on evergreen topic:

Evergreen means something that will stay popular for a long time. Your topic must be evergreen and will not obsolete within 3 to 5 years.

5. Your content must be unique:

A popular post must be unique that means something your readers wants but hasn’t got yet. Write your post with your own brain and do not use copy-paste method.

6. Use your own formatting style:

A good and eye catchable format helps to attract more reader on a blog post. Use paragraph, bullet points and color to make your post beautiful.

7. Your headlines must be eye catchable:

People look the headline first and decide to read or unread. A good headline is the key to attract more readers on a blog post. Brainstorm and write a great headline for your post with your skill and time.

8.  Your post should have plenty of value:

A popular post gets huge bookmarked, voted and commented. Why this is happen? The simple answer is there has lots of value in the post. Here value means more tips, resources and bullet points. The presence of high value on a post makes your reader enthusiastic about the post. Write 40+ tips rather than 5 or 10 tips to make it as a popular post.

9. Build link with your desire popular post URL:

To make a post popular, you have to spread and distribute your post everywhere. Write guest post on similar niche site and put your desire and good post URL with anchor text (your post title). Send email with signature link and use your post URL in signature link rather than site URL.

10. Utilize your social networks:

Share your post on social networking sites and tell your followers to share it again. You must have huge and loyal followers to do so. Also tell your readers to vote and comment on your post.

11. Outbound links must be live:

From a popular post, People will go their desire site by clicking your outbound links. So your links must be live to create a good impression. Double check your outbound links after publishing the post.

I hope these tips will help you to write your own popular post. If you have any query, Please leave a comment below.

9 Best Advantages of Niche Blogging

Niche blogging is very profitable. A niche blog can generate higher revenue than a multi category site with the same amount of traffic. Every successful blogger will recommend you to start a niche blog than a multi category site. There are many advantages of niche blogging. In this post I will describe some important advantages of niche blogging to get rid from niche blogging dilemma.

1. Easy to create niche blogs:

The requirements of creating a niche blog are very few. You only need passion or expertise on your niche topic. But if you go a multi category site, you have to learn several categories to write article for your blog.

2. Less competition:

The most important advantage of niche blogging is less competition in the market. You will face littlie completion for traffic, sales, affiliate sales etc.

3. Recognition:

You will become a popular person on your niche topic with your expertise. This will help you to get recognition and build network with your fans and followers.

4. Easier to get subscription:

You can get huge subscription for your niche site because there are less competitors of your blog.

5. Creating unique content:

With fewer categories, you will have much time to write good content. You can research more for your post and your content will be good, unique and valuable.

6. Easy to monetize:

The niche blog is easier to monetize than a multi category blog because niche blog are highly targeted in terms of traffic and readers.

7. High ad value:

A niche blog can charge high ad price for every ad space. Advertisers also love niche blog to promote their product.

8. Easier to retain readers:

You can retain your subscribed reader in your niche site easily because your contents are unique and the readers won’t get similar information from any other site.

9. Higher search engine ranking:

Niche blog usually get higher search engine ranking because there are few competition for the same keywords. Again, search engine love niche blog post rather than multi category blog post.

Simple Ways to Use Internet Marketing to Boost Your Site’s Visibility

While having a fantastic website is wonderful; if you do not have the proper marketing strategies, your website or company has the potential to go unnoticed. Yes, you may have put your blood, sweat and tears into your business and it may even technically be better than other companies that already exist and have a large following but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be successful. So much of peoples’ success comes from how they go about marketing. You really need to capture the eyes of visitors and make whatever it is you have to offer available to them, because if they don’t know it’s there, they will not get a chance to see the benefits.

Before You Begin Marketing: Things to Consider

Before you can start promoting your website, you need to figure out exactly who your audience is. Is there a specific age group you are seeking attention from? Maybe a certain race or people within a certain income range? Also, what are you trying to accomplish through your website? Are you looking to sell something or offer services? These are the things you should be considering when you start to market. Then you need to figure out how your website is going to help your business.

Keep Your Site Up to Date

There are many ways to get your website attention. Most importantly, you must update your content on a regular basis and keep active. Nothing is worse than people stopping by a website and seeing that no changes have been made in weeks or over a month. Do not just post content to post content; make sure you put the time in and really are adding something to your site. While it may not seem like it, people who read your work are going to pick up on the fact that you truly care about what you are writing so give it your all. If you need to write content ahead of time and post it at a later date, go ahead.

Not all of your content has to be time sensitive. Just show your readers that you care about what it is you are doing. It is very important to show your visitors that you care about their input. If you see them commenting or asking you questions, get back to them as soon as possible. Everyone loves great customer service.

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites are taking the marketing world by storm. They make it extremely simple to find people who have similar interests to you so you can focus on getting your information to those who are actually going to use it. On sites such as Facebook, for example, you can actually create your own Fan Page where you can target individuals who show interest in your niche or field.

The more friends you accumulate, the better. Post often and give them something to look forward to. Update them on any changes that are being made to your website or company and if you are ever to have a contest or exciting event, let them know.

Other Useful Sites

Do not forget to use social bookmarking and social news sites as well. Sites such as Digg and Delicious are great options. Whenever an update is made to your site or there is something you think people should know, all you have to do is log in, add some text and a link and you’re all set. The more sites you post on and are active on, the better your chances are of being discovered.

Create Your Own Blog

Another fantastic way to get traffic to your website is to have a blog. Your blog can discuss things similar to your website as well as promote it directly. This is going to capture people’s interest and if you can keep them coming back time and time again, then they are very likely to share what they have discovered with their friends.

Submit to Search Engines

Whenever creating a new website, it’s important to make sure you submit your website to search engines. This means Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. By doing this, you are making it much easier for people to find your site. You’ll be asked to give keywords and other information specific to your website to help the search engines properly file your website. This way, when people are searching, your site will come up as requested.

Track Your Progress

Everyone markets their websites uniquely. In order to figure out what works best for you, we advise using a site such as Google Analytics. This site gives you all the data you could possibly need in order to figure out where your traffic is coming from, how many visitors are stopping by each day and so much more.

When it comes to promoting your site you should not leave any stone unturned and should consider all methods like social media optimization, SEO, video marketing, blogging etc. to promote your website.